Arlene Schneider

Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Teen/Youth Coach


Arlene is a former psychotherapist (MSW) with several years working with teens, young adults and parents. Using unique and effective techniques, Arlene is able to guide her clients to clarity and improved family relationships.  

How I can help

I start with where the client is. Where he or she wants to go, I can help with that journey. The client can expect directness, warmth, and a little fun. Every client is unique, and my coaching is based upon their uniqueness to guide them to their goals and passion.

Who I work with

Adults, young adults, and teens & anyone who is ready to see life with a different perspective!


Arlene was my coach for several months; she is unique in that she has a dual coaching and therapy background. I thrived on her excellent counsel, intuition, incisive questions and insights to work through some challenging relationship and other issues. More impressive is she excels in territory which is seemingly unfamiliar to her, which is a testament to her talent. Whenever I have an issue I am confronted with, Arlene is unhesitatingly one of my first stops.

- B.M. Dallas, TX

Arlene has a gift for reading people and situations, and seeing what’s taking place on multiple levels. She uses this gift to gently lead us toward our own enlightened insight. Her best in the evolving relationship with older teenagers: “Be curious.” In other words, delay lecture mode by asking questions. This keeps both of us from jumping to conclusions and reacting based on assumptions. It really works.

- L.B. Houston, TX

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