April Green

Life Coach, Career Coach, Personal Coach


I am a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  I am also certified as Master Energy Level Index Practitioner. I have served 19 years working in the non-profit and corporate sectors serving diverse populations of seniors, people with disabilities and through my extensive work in hospice the past ten years as a Volunteer Manager. I am highly intuitive and utilize my skills, gifts, talents, training and experience to assist you in transitioning from where you are to where you desire to be in your life.  I bring a wealth of empathy, understanding and ability to motivate and empower others to live to their highest potential. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a Certificate in Nonprofit Organization and Administration.

How I can help

Are you frustrated with your current situation in life?  Is your life in transition? Are you redefining yourself or your role in your life due to an unexpected or planned event? Do you find yourself thinking, "What do I do now?" and are you left wondering, "How do I live my life now without this?" Whatever the "this" may be, I am here as your Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in transitions to help you navigate the waters and assist you in creating the future you desire now.  ​How do you find the courage to live again in this new way?  Whatever event has rocked your world and changed your life forever, now is the time to hire a life coach!  Whether you've experienced a loss of a loved one, a job loss or change of career, retirement, a child moving on to college, relationship challenges, health concerns or are experiencing any type of transition, I am here to assist you and walk alongside you as you redefine your life.  I will partner with you to create strategies that will allow you to move forward and to bring you into your  "new normal"...whatever that may be for you.  As your life coach I will help you find the courage within yourself to create the experiences you desire as you discover "what's next" for you.  ​I know first hand that transitions show up in many forms in our lives and we can be left feeling unsure, anxious, confused and wondering what our next steps should be to move forward.  Transitions affect every area of our lives; emotional, physical and mental health, spiritual and financial.   Take the next step and contact me. 

Who I work with

People in Transition


I met April while volunteering for hospice several years ago.  We had an immediate connection and worked extremely well together.  April was able to connect me with my natural skills, gifts and talents and create opportunities of service for me that allowed me to have great meaning, purpose and value in my life.  April is a consummate professional.  She is caring, empathic, insightful, compassionate, amazingly supportive and has infinite patience.  She is an amazing mom, teacher, friend, colleague and cheerleader.  She has experienced many transitions in her own life so she knows first-hand how to connect with people in transition.  After attending her "Be Free to Fly" life-coaching workshop, I am confident she can help anyone move in a positive direction in their life. 

- Fran S

April helped me communicate more effectively in relationships, both personally and professionally. I learned to be specific, give examples and take ownership. I learned that speaking my truth doesn't mean you get what you want. It means not having any regrets about what I should have said and didn't. It's about improving our life journey. I am a better person because of the work I did with April and I am less fearful of being alone versus being with the wrong person. ​

- Joseph R