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Annette Rubin, Certified Professional Coach and founder of Coaching to Potential, believes that challenges are opportunities for growth. She is a strategic partner, passionate about helping others create their own success, guide their own development, and become dynamic leaders. Her exceptional combination of passion, interpersonal skills, and management expertise have made her an outstanding nonprofit leader and coach. Annette’s successful coaching techniques are based on more than 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience. She has provided direction and motivation to clients, employees, partners, and colleagues and has increased the scope and impact of organizations.

How I can help

Annette Rubin empowers nonprofit professionals to overcome the hurdles standing between them and their vision of success. She’ll help you enjoy your journey to confidence, tangible results and the achievement of your goals. Our work together will help you to: - Strengthen leadership and strategic skills - Clarify values and create a vision for the future - Develop goals and an action plan for change - Analyze and address staffing, funding and board challenges - Improve working relationships and build staff consensus - Enhance individual and team performance - Manage time more efficiently - Identify and secure resources - Bring balance, energy, focus, passion and creativity back into your life - Overcome obstacles to become more confident and optimistic

Who I work with

Nonprofit professionals


“I first engaged Annette to coach an employee I was planning to promote. I was worried she might be challenged by the new leadership role and thought coaching could help. Three months later she had acquired new skills, gained confidence and was clearly ready for expanded responsibility as a senior leader. Based on this success I hired Annette to support two other employees. The positive impact on their staff management and leadership skills has been palpable. I have also noticed some culture change in our agency, which is having benefits even beyond the employees being coached. Annette’s coaching services have been a powerful professional development tool for our staff and a major source of support for me as CEO.”

- Andrea Howard, CEO, West End House

“As a young woman in my first executive leadership position, I have found working with Annette to be a tremendously beneficial experience. Annette is thoughtful and intuitive, and her guidance has helped me to become a more focused and professional leader. There was no problem too big or too small for Annette to help me tackle and I am incredibly grateful to her for providing me with a ‘toolkit’ of skills to help me make difficult decisions for myself. Annette’s many years of leadership within the nonprofit world meant that she had personal experience with many of the issues I was facing and brought expertise from ‘the field’ to our conversations. Annette’s coaching has helped me gain the confidence I need to continue to build a successful career in the non profit world.”

- Sarah Abramson, Nonprofit Executive Director

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