Anne Flugstad-Clarke

Performance Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach


Drawn on her experiences of living in Norway, England, and the United States, being a mother of 3, and a business owner and Entrepreneur, Anne has developed a passion for coaching and being of service, creating "life" and "self" awareness.  She takes every opportunity to learn and develop her own skills whilst coaching. With a Masters in Business and Marketing from  Oslo, a certification as a Neuro Lingustic Practitioner (NLP) from the  NYC center of NLP,  a Certification as Professional Coach from Institute for Performance and Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), and finalizing the COR.E  Dynamics Mastery Program in Performance and Wellbeing,  IPEC,  she is well trained for Life Performance Coaching.The clients feel enriched from working with her. Anne also loves teaching and is passionate about her clients understanding of  their Core Energy levels,  EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and  their non-verbal communication.

How I can help

Coaching is for the smart individual who wants to get tools to EXCEL in life and PERFORM in areas and ways you haven't. Coaching is about EXPLORING you, and your journey, and if and where this is where you want to be/do. I will come along and explore with you; what you want, and where you want to go, and how you can do that. I aligning my purpose with my passion, a sense of humour, empathy and intuition, my sessions are never dull or predictable.

Who I work with

Students, Athletes, Young Professionals, Teachers/Coaches and Parents


"You did all the right things in coaching X back after his injury and he did an excellent job in following through with all of those things you discussed. VERY impressive!! It was a pleasure having you involved and I'm so grateful for your work with X and this team as it had a direct correlation and effect with this team and the positive improvements. Your incredible time and support with/for me and this team was amazing. Given the multiple challenges and issues over the past year, your support and guidance was so refreshing and helped me to stay focused on the process and stay as positive as possible. Thank you very much for everything!!"

- D1 College coach

"After working with Anne I have a much better understanding of who I am and how I see the world. The bad things that happened in my life cannot be changed, but Anne helped me look at it differently, and it is weird that when you look for the opportunity to learn from something, it feels differently. When she first introduced me to the ELI assessment, I was stunned how much she could know about me based on that assessment. We spent a bit of time on my Core Energy and I am now able to switch levels, meaning instead of having road rage when I am driving and running late, I can choose to behave differently by being conscious of my thinking and acting. It is so cool and good for me to "hamper" my stress reactions. I understand why they say coaching is not a destination, it is a journey, because it truly is! Another thing I also love is that this is all about my agenda. I don't get advice, I am not told what to do, I simply get help figuring out what I want and then how can I get there. It is so good to feel that I have support, I am not being judged, compared, or critizised. I am completely accepted for who I am, but I have to be prepared to answer "how does that serve you?" Or "if you looked at that differently, what would that look like?" And then we are at it again :) "

- Ivy league graduate

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Morristown, New Jersey, US

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