Anne Spivey

Life Coach, Transition Coach, Spiritual Coach


Along with her formal coaching training at iPEC, Anne's coaching expertise has been enriched by both life and work experiences.  She has 20 years of experience in leading and training successful sales teams within the pharmaceutical industry.  On the personal front, Anne is an artist, world traveling, hiking, age defying 'baby boomer' who has parented 6 adventurous 'millennial' children into happy adulthood. Anne's genuine curiosity and nurturing qualities allows for open, safe and productive coaching partnerships.

How I can help

My mission is to empower Millennials who want to live life at their highest level. Whether they are experiencing a full blown Quarter Life Crisis needing to be conquered or they just want to tap into their 'super powers' because they know that they are capable of much more; I can help. My clients move forward from fear and confusion to a place where they have the confidence as well as the ability to make choices. They are then empowered to take the necessary action to achieve their goals, experience greater satisfaction and happiness.

Who I work with

Millennials who are feeling 'stuck' or in a quarter life crisis or


"Working with Anne truly helped me get over the hump of my quarter-life-crisis. At a time where I felt lost she helped me to see my goals as real and attainable dreams. She helped me to gain the confidence and courage to refuse to give up on them, and the push to make sure I held myself accountable in working towards them. She is an attentive listener and asks thought provoking questions that helped me to identify, understand, and verbalize the reasons behind my passions. I have learned so much about myself from working with her! My first post-graduation job search was a heartbreaking process. It was all too easy to give in to feelings of inadequacy and laziness, and I lost motivation and drive. Having Anne in my corner when I tackled the process a second time made all the difference in the world. Her sessions leave me focused, excited, and confident, with renewed energy to work hard towards my dreams every time. The positive attitude that comes with understanding myself and my passions, which I largely attribute to her coaching, has greatly aided me on applications and interviews. I would highly recommend anyone who feels dissatisfied in their job or any part of their life to work with New Heights. The benefit of dedicated, introspective time with such a wonderful guide cannot be overstated!"

- A1C Allison F. - Esq.

"Before beginning life coaching with Anne, I felt limited in what I could achieve. Through our sessions, she has helped me set realistic goals and develop a plan of action in order to accomplish my personal and professional aspirations. Being accountable to someone as supportive as Anne encourages me to stick to my goals and take action to move forward in life. With her trust, support, and guidance, I have begun re-directing my life and dreaming big. I highly recommend Anne as a coach."

- Autumn R. - Clinical Research Technician