Ann Kasunich

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Wellness Coach


The Well Chosen Lifestyle System is built on 4 Foundation Principles - Movement/Exercise, Nourishment/Food, Support Squad, and Self-discovery. The foundation principles work together to support life-changing, sustainable overall well being - at work and at home. Ann is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), certified Core Energy Coach (CEC), and a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). In 2013, she explored hiring a professional coach to support her and instead decided seek certification and completed over 300 hours of training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She brought her new skillsets to the workplace and discovered her innate love of professional coaching when applying what she was learning through iPEC. Seeing profound lasting results in employees, herself, and fellow coaching students sealed her fate and the creation of Well Chosen, focusing on supporting busy professionals and corporations. Clients include individuals and sole proprietors, small business employees/owners, teams and large corporations. Ann coaches at all levels including team members, middle management and the C-suite. Clients who engage in professional coaching via the Well Chosen Lifestyle System experience life-changing sustainable results at work and at home.

How I can help

Well Chosen clients seek to improve their overall well being, at work and at home. Often their professional lives are thriving, but they are experiencing declining health and quality of life. Some are running on overwhelm. With the myriad of responsibilities at home and work, they’re tried, stressed, unfit, and generally feel off-track. Clients may feel that things are “well enough” but not truly great, having settled for a lesser version of the life they imagined. In a sea of mixed messages about overall well being, the truth is one size does not fit all. Well Chosen clients discover the power of conscious choices in creating the life they want, at work and at home. Feeling better, having more energy, improving performance, connecting with what matters most, and really enjoying the whole of life is all within reach. Schedule a free 45-minute discovery/strategy call at

Who I work with

Busy professionals and corporations


"Ann Kasunich has an innate gift for coaching. Plain and simple she is a natural - this is who she is! Ann remained present with me at all times of our coaching sessions and met my energy exactly where it presented itself. I am an extremist at heart. If 150% can be achieved I'm there with bells and whistles on! Through our coaching sessions I embraced my vulnerabilities which shifted my energy allowing me to finally trust the process of life. Just when I thought I knew it all; her authentic coaching opened my eyes to entirely new paths, personally and professionally, that I had not been able to see or walk before. 'Balance.' I have coached and been coached many times - our sessions truly changed my life. Thanks again -- really -- so very much. The journey has been PRICELESS!"

- Cherie Avinger, Chief Operating Officer, RCL Agencies, Inc.

I recently took on a strategic international and highly visible project at my company. At first I was apprehensive and unsure how to approach the scope and work involved, to a point where I was even questioning my own abilities! With Ann's coaching, I was able to completely shift my perspective, approach, and energy around the whole project. Via her Self-Discovery foundation principle, she helped me to discover insights and perspective I hadn't even considered, and that changed everything! Now several weeks into the project I remain positive, confident, and already showing great results. This was a shift for me not only on this project, but for all of my work and my overall well being. Thanks Ann!

- Tom Ferland, Global Head of Human Resources

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