Anissa Matthews

Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Relationship Coach


As a Life Empowerment Coach and workshop facilitator, Anissa's extensive work experience, education and trainings contribute to her tool belt of coaching skills. She holds a degree in Psychology, has work and education experience in Child Development/Education, trained as a Doula, is a California Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and CELTA-certified teacher of ESL, as well as a Certified Practitioner of the Completion Process. She also has a background in movement meditation, performing arts, dance and martial arts.

How I can help

I assist men and women on their journey toward discovering possibilities and fulfilling dreams. I take a heart-based embodiment approach to helping clients find, open and live from the heart, break through blocks that are keeping their Light from shining full-out, and develop consciousness as a means to creating perfect life soul-utions.

Who I work with

Men and women who are looking for passion and purpose in their life


The biggest personal takeaway from working with Anissa that has weaved its way into the fabric of my thoughts is: don’t try to fix the problem, raise the energy! This has been an invaluable tool for Living as it continues to reinforce the Understanding that Life is Energy, keeping my mind single and my Sight Focused. Anissa has such a multidimensional way of viewing things. From every angle, there is a fantastic option. She sees life as play, a most welcome adventure-mentality that takes the pressure and the limits off. She ushered me into the center of my heart, with a wide-angle flashlight of sun to shine through the Soul-Prism and find the Beauty of Each and All. “Wholeness” is a word I would use to describe what she does, what she brings to the table.

- Ashley Warren - Musician

Let me start by saying that as a logic worshipper, I thought this brand of coaching was going to be way too woo-woo for me and that there was no way I would commit beyond the first session. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Anissa is incredible at meeting you WHEREVER you are and is so insightful, hilarious, and a master of her craft. Talking to her for the first time, I was so captured in the conversation that I felt like I had left the room and had been transported into another world. Our sessions are often the highlight of my week and are always a hard reset on my life, leaving me with the ability to know what I want and create it in my life. In my 3 months of coaching with her, I have left a relationship I thought I would never have the courage to, multiplied my productivity, and have never been happier. I honestly feel guilty for not paying more. Anissa is my coach for life.

- Asif Dhanani - Career coach

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