Anikka Weinfeld

Life Coach, Enjoyment Coach, Spiritual Coach


Anikka is the Happiness Alchemist for 30somethings having a third life crisis.
Her program 'The Alchemy of Happiness' offers a refreshing perspective to customize your plan for happiness, while making it all feel like laughter and a warm mug of tea.  Certified as a Professional Coach through iPEC, she adores guiding clients through an awakening of energy as an ELI-MP!  When she’s not dancing with words- on-screen or off- or coaching her big-hearted clients you can find her warbling to renaissance a cappella music, playing symphonies on blades of grass, or galloping off into the sunset on a horse.  

How I can help

I help 30-somethings who can't get their sh*t together find peace where they are, and happiness for the next thirty years. There's so much pressure for women in their thirties to get their lives figured out *yesterday. Milestones of adulthood are screaming at them and they feel like they haven't grown up enough. It's a stressful time to be in! I specialize in helping them find joy where they are right now, and leverage their gifts to create true peace and happiness that lasts. This involves customizing a Happiness Plan unique to each woman, complete with daily tools, a plan to grow on, plus troubleshooting and loving accountability along the way.

Who I work with

Women Having a 30s Life Crisis


Since working with Anikka, my life hasn't changed- my view of my life has. It has become about reveling in what I have before me, not looking externally. I am finding joy in little blessings which I had overlooked before. I am more open, willing and vulnerable in my relationships. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anikka to my friends, and have! She offers such a safe place to share and be true without worrying about being judged. I am very appreciative of the time we spent together and am looking forward to applying what I have learned of myself with each new day.

- Christina Kutsherenko

From my very first meeting with Anikka, I knew that I was in for an exceptional experience and she never disappointed. Because of Anikka’s ability to truly tune into what I was saying and feed it back to me, even when I was talking in circles, I was able to reach deep inside and verbalize thoughts and feelings that I had previously been unable to express. Because of that, I was able to look at my true self, weak and strong, face my fears and move forward using my strengths. She is truly an amazing coach to work with and I highly recommend her.

- Sally Falb

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