Angie Martin

Life Coach, Transition Coach


Angie Martin is licensed attorney with 10+ years of practice experience advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.  She is also a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  Angie is a mother of two young children with her husband of 10 years.  As a coach, her focus is to partner with her clients as they journey to rediscover their true self and embrace the woman and mom they are called to be.

How I can help

I turn the lights on for you so that you can realize there is nothing to fear. Through 1:1 coaching with me, not only will you be able to gain self-awareness into your life purpose and your dreams as a woman, not only mom, but you'll start to let go of comparisonitis and fear of failure in the process. From this point, you'll feel empowered to step outside your comfort zone and start working on achieving those dreams and experiencing a life that really lights you up and fills you with joy.

Who I work with

Expectant moms and moms of young children, typically through the elementary school years.


Angie truly fulfills her goal of helping others find joy. I can honestly say that because I have experienced it first hand. After every talk with Angie, I hang up with a smile because our talks are always full positivity, and learning about personal strengths that were unknown to me. I love her glass half full approach to every situation. As a parent and someone who loves to please people, sometimes I forget about what is more important to me. These past months have been about true inner di

- Lissette Parris

Working with Angie really helped me uncover how I was holding myself back with a bunch of ‘shoulds and have tos’ and allowed me to focus on the things I truly want. Being a busy mom is hard but there’s so much joy you can find and ways you can lift yourself up through the overwhelm...Angie helped me realize what those things are for me and gave me the confidence to work for them!

- Erin K

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish