Andrea Suarez

Wellness Coach, Transition Coach


Spanish and English.

Before training to be a certified coach, Andrea Suarez, CPC, ELI-MP worked more than fifteen years in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to see how patients benefitted from treatment management plans, yet she noticed that they failed to provide strategies and support to manage a life-changing disease. Not one to wait for others to provide innovative solutions, Andrea decided to focus on coaching for cancer survivors and caregivers so she could help them navigate not just the disease but their lives as well.

How I can help

A life-threatening, chronic disease has far-reaching impacts for patients and caregivers including: • Physical and emotional wellbeing • Personal and work relationships • Finances • Quality of life • Physical energy levels • Ability to focus and make clear decisions • Priorities and values • And more I help patients and caregivers assess the ways their lives have suffered and identify ways they can improve their quality of life.

Who I work with

Patients and Caregivers who are struggling with the impact of chronic, life-threatening diseases.


What an amazing journey it has been knowing and working with Andrea! Working with her was very comfortable. She made sure I felt centered and present during our sessions no matter what was going on in my life. I felt I could trust her completely as she made me feel safe, heard on a deep level and supported. With her help and powerful questioning, I have been able to move through situations in which I was stuck. Her sessions were very helpful, beneficial and fun all at the same.

- Natalia Moreno

Present, active listener, kind approach to moving forward, all this and more are some aspects that make Andrea a meaningful Coach. She helped me make a big move in my life. Andrea creates a space for your energy to flow. It was always a positive, accepting vibe. Her energy shows up as a balance which allows for your thoughts and feelings to be authentically shared which makes space for new goals to be set. Andrea has played an important role in helping me to believe in me. Powerful stuff.

- Amy Anderson

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