Andrea Silvershein

Career Coach, Life Coach, Personal Coach


Andrea Silvershein has been coaching since 2014, helping her clients find clarity, create a life path that aligns with their values and clearing away what ever is preventing them from being their best version of themselves. Andrea has worked professionally as the Director of a not for profit, as a marketing consultant and her most valuable life experiences have come from parenting four children. She is passionate about being her clients advocate and eternal cheerleader.

How I can help

My clients immediately feel a sense of relief that someone has their back and is really listening to them. Together we forge a path keeping your goals in mind at all times. I am available between calls as needed and ensure my clients feel the shift in their lives from good to great.

Who I work with

women looking to create a shift in their life


"After graduating college, I thought the transition into the next chapter of my life would be seamless. However, like anything else, nothing comes easily. It took me about a year of constant struggle, defeat and soul-searching to realize that I may not have all the answers and I needed some guidance. I picked up the phone and contacted Andrea. From the moment I began working with her, I started to feel something inside me change. Things were put in perspective, I was being challenged in the best way possible and I redeemed the confidence I once had. When you start believing in yourself, other people start believing in you too. Now, I am embarking on an amazing new journey and am so grateful for the coaching I have been given along the way. One of my favorite quotes reads, “Slow Start, Strong Finish.” We may not always think we are #1, but with patience and determination, we all have the potential to be a winner. Thank you for all your wisdom Andrea, you have truly inspired me to persevere." Katie (25, current client)

- 25 yr old, after making a career choice that wasn't working

"But even with a plan and support, I did know my potential or what I could excel in, regarding a career. I was unsure of who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. When I met Andrea, the best was yet to come. Through her strength, guidance, and positive affirmations, I have learned more about myself than I did in the four years of my undergraduate experiences. Andrea boosted my confidence tremendously and made me fall so in love with the person that I am. She pushes people way beyond their limits in a good way, and then just sits back and watches them shine."

- twenty something client

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