Andrea Brand

Transition Coach, Personal Coach, Life Coach


Andrea Brand, MSW, MPH, CPC, ELI-MP is a professional life coach committed to helping women live true to their core values resulting in greater happiness and inner peace. As a coach, Andrea helps her clients (re)learn to focus on themselves and take actionable steps with an emphasis on self-care.

How I can help

Are you at a professional crossroads? A parent whose kids need her less or perhaps you're facing an empty nest? Questioning "what now?" Almost a decade ago, I took stock of my life and realized that despite outward appearances, I felt empty from giving everything to my corporate job and young family. I took a hard look inward and started living true to my values, fueling my core. As a life coach, I help women get unstuck and focus on what matters most to them. Let's live intentionally!

Who I work with

Mid-life women questioning where they are in life who seek greater fulfillment

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Medford, Massachusetts, US

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