Amy Brady

Leadership Development Coach, Management Coach


As the founder of StandUP, Amy Brady brings 20+ years of experience working and volunteering with community organizations.  Amy is passionate about inspiring individuals on the front lines of community impact, as well as seeing and hearing the heart of those who serve and are served.

How I can help

I provide coaching and training non-profit, education and government organizations, working on leadership development, organizational culture change, and conversations about difference. Clients can expect a heart-centered approach that will leave them inspired to make their greatest impact on the community they serve.

Who I work with

Individuals and organizations driven by community service


Working with Amy opened my eyes to strengths I have that I was not realizing or allowing to grow, and helped me to let go of a lot of negativity that had been plaguing me for a long time. I have a new, simplified approach to problem solving, and a stronger, more loving outlook on life. I’ve always felt that I have strong convictions, but now I can name them and remind myself everyday about what drives me and why I do the work that I do.

- Emily Bobrick, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Amy is a wonderful coach and leader. She has what it takes to truly motivate people on a much more intrinsic level than I have ever seen before. She knows how to utilize a strengths-based approach to bring out the best in people so that they may truly shine in their profession. Amy is more than a go-getter, she sees what she can offer the world, and she does everything she can to see those positive changes manifest through the work she does to serve others.

- Julia Alvarez, Mi Casa Resource Center