Amelia Lake

Corporate Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Career Coach


Formerly a Director in one of the world's top Technology Companies, Amy Lake is a results-oriented leader and a dynamic change agent, utilizing professional coaching to deliver measurable business results. She has held various management roles in both Engineering and Business Operations and has experience managing and developing people and improving organizations -  from startup companies to transforming existing ones to achieve desired business performance .

How I can help

As an engineer by profession, Amy believes in root cause analysis. She believes the only way to ingrain a sustainable change on a person is by getting into the root. She believes that we each have our own experiences, values, assumptions that shaped our perspective that brought us to goodness. Often times, the same perspective are the ones stopping us to get to next level of performance. Amy’s approach is to understand her client’s perspective / view and the root of those views, work with client to reveal how those views are holding them back, and from there, develop and define new perspectives and practice new behaviors that will help her client get the results they desire.

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High potential individual contributors, managers and executives

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Portland, Oregon, US

(503) 313-9532

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