Allison Krawiec-Thayer

Spiritual Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Business Coach


I am here for the people-pleasing entrepreneur who is sick of settling and ready to find their backbone in business. Through mindset healing and intuitively-aligned strategy, clients create the business that is their life's purpose manifested and magnetize clients and abundance with ease!

Highlights: wildly optimistic, deeply intuitive ambivert / alignment-craving, cheerleader-type / Divinely-led, IPEC-certified coach for entrepreneurs

How I can help

My clients find their backbone in business. They protect their boundaries and their schedule. They learn how to say no unless something lights them up. They feel confident in client sessions, knowing how to challenge and hold the Highest Vision for their clients. My clients connect to their intuition through our work by using tools like meditation and guided journaling. Their results and transformation are also grounded in data via the Energy Leadership Index.

Who I work with

People-pleasing entrepreneurs who feel like they should have been father along by now, Coaches and healers who are having a hard time protecting boundaries


Since working together, I don't let people treat me like that anymore. Of course I'm going to stand up for myself. Of course I'm going to protect my boundaries. I wish I had this confidence years ago. Your coaching is the most helpful tool I've ever found for address my self-sabotage (even moreso than therapy and counseling).

- Lisa F., one-on-one client

The breakout rooms. GIRL. I feel so capable of speaking back to that little nagging voice inside now. Thank you for hosting that event and your leadership as we all went through that transformational experience.

- Amy P., after Overcoming People-Pleasing workshop

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Denver, Colorado, US

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