Allan Gregoire

Performance Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach


I'm a lifelong student of personal and professional development and have always been fascinated by what drives and hinders human potential. I believe that people are more talented, capable, and powerful than they believe themselves to be.  Unfortunately, many people are flying under the radar of their true potential and inherent greatness. While there are many reasons for this, the primary reasons are generally a result of social conditioning and limiting beliefs about themselves that have gone unchallenged. That's where I come into the picture.  I assist you with challenging that old, worn out, small identity you've so carefully cultivated over the years and replace it with the extraordinarily powerful person you were meant to become. I don't advocate positive thinking.  I advocate gaining awareness, challenging yourself, taking action and risks, and discovering your strengths and true capabilities.  Once you start doing this, the fears and doubts and playing small virtually disappears and clears the way for your success.

How I can help

Gaining awareness of what influences performance and how to lead effectively is the first step to becoming extraordinary. Then we work step by step on increasing inherent strengths and work on improving areas that may be lacking. This is a collaboration between the coach and client with the primary goal being to make the client the best they can be.

Who I work with

Athletes, Executives, and Other High Performers

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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