Alison Goldstein

Life Coach, Transition Coach


As an expatriate myself, I have lived, worked and studied in over a half dozen countries including the U.S., Greece, Spain, U.K., Afghanistan and several countries in the Middle East and the Caucuses Region.  I have moved over 22 times, have over 14 years of experience living overseas and have transitioned careers more than a handful of times as I have discovered that I truly value continuous learning and I thrive on change.    

How I can help

Partnering with a coach and working through the transition together can increase your sense of control of your own destiny, increase your self-esteem, reignite your inner fire and help you land on your feet again -and faster! My clients can expect to achieve success however they define it, understand that they have a choice in everything they do, eliminate barriers standing in their way and anticipate living a more fulfilled, balanced and confident existence.

Who I work with

Expat women, expat accompanying partners, and women living abroad, as well as the companies that support them.


Before partnering with you, I felt all over the place. I had a million ideas running through my head about what I should do, and underneath those tasks lived guilt and insecurity in my abilities. After partnering with you, I felt like I had a flexible game plan and that you completely supported me in identifying it. I felt clear, purposeful and unstoppable and as a result, I transitioned out of my full time job, moved cities, started my business and got a part time position in my new city!

- Maggie Danforth, Registered Dietitian (St. Louis, USA)

I found the transition from career-oriented expat to stay-at-home mom extremely challenging. I didn’t want to describe myself as a trailing spouse, rather I wanted to forge my own path and have goals outside of home life. In a short time, I overcame confusion and self-doubt, and gained confidence and self-awareness. Alie helped me understand how to take maximum advantage of my life experience and apply what works best for me, whatever the situation. I strongly encourage you to give it a try!

- Anthea Lawrence, Australian living in Pittsburgh, USA