Alaa Al Adnani

Life Coach, Personal Coach, Career Coach

How I can help

I help millennial women making the decision to live a more fulfilled, confident, and purposeful lives. That includes moms since being a mom is an honor rather than a burden... I help you find balance and listen to your true essence. Because it’s easy to be a victim to situations and be in the effect of life, rather than owning the life, acting upon it and eventually be proud and responsible for it. Owning one’s life and living in utmost fulfillment is what we are created for, as well as making an impact as small as it may seem to be, such as putting your child effortlessly to bed, and as great as succeeding in the project of your dreams. Building our earth with true passion is such a noble act… however that only can be achieved vividly through thriving on ourselves and rediscovering our limitless potentials. That applies also to finding the true path for graduates, and people in career transition to take charge of their lives and trusting their passion.

Who I work with

Millennial women, Career transition, Life purpose seekers, Passion fin

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Jeddah, SA

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