Abigail Isokpan

Executive Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach


I have over 20 years’ work experience as a HR & Business Leader driving change, accelerating performance, implementing total rewards, and fostering employee engagement across multiple sectors: government, pharmaceuticals, banking, and telecoms. Across these roles, I have applied the wisdom of experience and evidence of research to guide managers, leaders, and Boards on making the right decisions about hiring, developing, motivating, and retaining talent. As a coach, I enable executives leverage their strengths to deliver great business results, and motivate youths to realize their potential through entrepreneurship.

How I can help

I walk with you on a journey that ultimately deepens your self-insight for success. Through our conversations, you will be able to explore many aspects of your uniqueness as a person. You will own your strengths and apply them to turn challenges around into positive outcomes – for you, everyone around you, and, if your aspirations are on that scale, society as a whole.

Who I work with

Business executives and youth entrepreneurs.


Abigail coached me through life changing decisions and also smaller goals on my way. Her ability to hear me out, really listen, asking deep questions, which shifted my view and created clarity, was amazing and I could see the opportunities in front of me. She is a great goal and transformational coach and challenged me many times, which resulted in some major achievements in my life. Abigail is a master in coaching you both from a career perspective, to your life.

- RH, Sales Director

I have been at the ‘what next?’ stage with my career for a while and was looking at a path that would have a bigger focus on training, coaching and mentoring. I had registered for a Psychology course with Coursera and was moving very slowly through it. I just needed to get myself gingered and progress forward with course and future career plans. My session with Abigail got me to challenge myself and understand why I was procrastinating. I also had to commit to a number of actions that would ensure I was being more accountable to future plans. I came up with some milestones as a way to get going. I also committed to update on my progress with Abigail which has helped me a lot. I now have a documented social enterprise idea. I was also delighted to have passed my midterm course test recently with a 79% score, so I am more determined now to get that finished. I am grateful for Abigail’s coaching support so far.

- -FO, Head of Training

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