This week we have our first ever international guest, author Brent Williams from New Zealand.  Brent wrote the graphic novel “Out Of The Woods” which is a stunning visual representation through his unexpected journey with depression and anxiety. While suffering from depression, Brent learned that journaling was one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with what he was feeling, and deconstruct some of his own thought and behavior patterns that were perhaps contributing to his condition. Being that he was unable to read due to exhaustion while he was depressed, he determined that the graphic novel medium would perhaps be the best method to share his story and connect with others who felt similarly. Tune in to hear the entire story from start to finish of how this incredible work came to be!

Highlights of this episode include:

— Why Brent was able to connect with the graphic novel medium versus more traditional self-help vehicles

— How never thought he’d be afflicted with something like depression

— How Brent eventually managed to heal himself

— The power of journaling for Brent during the healing process

— What Brent currently does when he feels anxiety starting to surface