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Kind Over Popular: Teaching Kindness in a High-Achieving World

Over the years I've spoken to countless moms who are troubled by their children being bullied at school. It seems that bullying is getting worse and worse, but maybe this is just my perception. It has come to my attention more and more that many of…

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Can a Different Kind of Honesty Lead to the Marriage of Your Dreams?

Honesty isn't just for major events in your married life. Honesty in small, everyday conversation is a key factor in marriage maintenance, for a "together forever" relationship. Vacuuming gets rid of tiny pieces of dirt--though they aren't…

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Finding the Gift in the Garbage: There’s Something Positive for You Even in the Worst Calamity

“The mind is its own place and can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven." Paradise Lost, by John Milton Have you ever experienced something terrible? Did you wonder why? Did you wonder if you were supposed to learn something from it or…

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Making Decisions Together Can Make You Happy!

When you two make decisions, does one of you expect to win? That means one of you has to lose. When you make decisions together, do you become rivals? If your partner’s strength is logic, and yours is intuition, do you spend time beforehand lining…

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When Is It Wrong to Be Right?

You have a viewpoint based on your perception of the world at that time - your culture, personality, and experiences.  The advantage of having a group discussion or consultation is that the issue can be seen from more points of view than you have.…

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Do You Want Your Relationship to Be Special All Year Long or Only on Holidays?

What Kind of Relationship Do You Want to Have With Your Sweetheart? How long do you think your mutual joyousness will last? A year? Five years? Has it already hit the doldrums? Are you a little bit worried? There's hope. Let me tell you about…

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The Surprising Key to a Bountiful Marriage: Creating and Respecting Space

This blog post might as well have been called “An Ode to my Husband”. We met a little over 12 years ago and got married 10 years ago. All my convictions of why marriage wasn’t for me, why nobody would actually want to marry me, how I did not deserve…

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Can You Feel Vulnerable and Valuable Simultaneously?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE LOVABLE? What does it mean to you? Kittens are lovable. Babies are lovable, too, because they just are who they are. No one has to wonder if a baby's hiding how they really feel. Can you keep your sense of who you are so you…

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How Do You Love?

“HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS…” -Sonnets from the Portuguese 43 The title comes from the first line of a love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She goes on to explain, most beautifully-- "How Do You Love Somebody So They Know They…

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Guiding Your Children Toward Living Happy and Successful Lives

Perceptions of Your Children Guide Both Your Behavior (and Theirs!) If you have your own children or care for children, what do you want to keep doing to guide them? What do you want to change? When you look at them, what do you see? What gift can…

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