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How to Create Who You Want to Be in Relationships

Written by Tory Donato March 27, 2020 I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I gasped for air, convinced that I was having a panic attack, or maybe that I was dying. The emotional distress and the physical pain I was experiencing was unlike any other…

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Reflecting on Life and Death: A Tribute

Written by Jeff Newman January 3, 2020 What is your life philosophy that you'd like to leave behind when you take your last breath of air on this earth? What would you want to pay forward to family and friends? There are some simple rules and…

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How to Raise a Boy: An Open Conversation About What This Means in Today’s World

Written by Luke Iorio August 14, 2019 "Be a man." "Man up." "Toughen up." These are the types of phrases that have filled conversations from boyhood through the teenage years and into adulthood for men for a long time. I know these words well. I…

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How to Balance Unconditional Love

Unconditional love . . . to love without judgments or expectations. Wow! That sounds amazing. It also sounds like a pipe dream, to be frank. I mean, how many of us really experience unconditional love? Perhaps there are gurus, monks, and other…

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Choosing Love: How We Keep Our Love Alive After 13 Years Together

I was hooked the moment I saw him. It wasn't the thunderclap or jolt of electricity I'd expected to experience when I fell in love. It was as though something finally shifted into place--something I didn’t even know was missing. I've always enjoyed…

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How Is Your Endurance?

Part One of a Five-Part Series on Patience in Relationships Endurance means both “bearing hardship,” which can be negative, and “staying power,” which can be positive. Endurance is an aspect of patience and perseverance but it can mean both pluck as…

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My 18-Year-Old Son Went on a Road Trip Across Texas and I Survived

“I want to go to Marfa with some friends after graduation.” "I want to go to Marfa with some friends." This statement from my son struck fear into me instantly. I had visions of him riding in a car with other 18-year-olds on lonely and unlit Texas…

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Kind Over Popular: Teaching Kindness in a High-Achieving World

Over the years I've spoken to countless moms who are troubled by their children being bullied at school. It seems that bullying is getting worse and worse, but maybe this is just my perception. It has come to my attention more and more that many of…

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Can a Different Kind of Honesty Lead to the Marriage of Your Dreams?

Honesty isn't just for major events in your married life. Honesty in small, everyday conversation is a key factor in marriage maintenance, for a "together forever" relationship. Vacuuming gets rid of tiny pieces of dirt--though they aren't…

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Finding the Gift in the Garbage: There’s Something Positive for You Even in the Worst Calamity

“The mind is its own place and can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven." Paradise Lost, by John Milton Have you ever experienced something terrible? Did you wonder why? Did you wonder if you were supposed to learn something from it or…

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