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Ain’t It a Money Shame?

The most powerful way to increase your income from a mental, emotional, and physical standpoint is to acknowledge and release the shame that you associate with money. There. I said it. From my own personal experience and working with many people on…

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10 Financial Habits That’ll Change Your Life

Habits are funny little creatures. Some are good for you, some are bad for you . . . and some are like gum on your shoe--you just can’t get rid of them no matter what you try. Habits are the patterns we automatically perform day in, day out, without…

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How to Guarantee Results in Your Business and Income

An empowering, elevated money mindset--or any elevated mindset around a subject for that matter (think: energy, love, creativity, time)--starts with awareness and is cultivated through positive consistency. Consistency almost always creates…

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Make Money Like a Woman

The world's a better place when women are in financial control. Women are stepping into stewardship around money like never before. Stepping in with their curiosity, their values, and their vulnerability and it's making for a very compelling story…

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Here’s Your Permission Slip to Make More Money

There's a very special and secret permission slip that only you can give yourself to make more money . . . and that permission slip goes something like this, “I give myself permission to make more money.” Yep, it’s that simple. Yet, is it easy to do…

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Do You Have a Mean Girl in Your Life?

You're smarter than her, so why's she still around? The Mean Girl . . . oh, she’s a devil. Deceitful, sneaky, conniving, jealous, a little sassy, and a big talker. You know the one. When she's all up in your face, you just can’t seem to shake her.…

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You Must Use This Tool If You Want to Grow Your Business, Income, and Life

As of this month, I've been meditating for 20 minutes a day for seven years. It's the most important thing I've done in my life to increase my happiness, fulfillment, and income. Meditation's made me a different person. A better person. There's a…

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Your Need for Safety vs. Your Need for Growth

This world right now is asking--no, BEGGING us to show up--show up in ways that we might not be used to or comfortable with. Showing up fully to ourselves, to our home life, to our businesses, to our communities. For most of you, that'll mean…

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Why Financial Well-Being Starts With Self-Care

I didn’t expect it to happen like this . . . but it was (and still is) a pivotal time in my finances. Money was SUPPOSED to come to me through hard work, persistence, and hustle. My coaching business was about a year-and-a-half old, and I was (and…

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How to Regain Your Checks and Balances This Holiday Season

Oh, the holidays! They're here. The pressure to “show up” is here.  The period where you can blame drain and overwhelming emotions on a month filled with “overdoing” it on many levels that may deplete your physical bank account--as well as your…

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