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Power of Kindred Spirits (Part Two)

I want to inspire you to take a look at why you hang out with who you hang out with. Whether you're a hermit by nature--or a social butterfly--what you may uncover here could reveal another way of looking at people. You'll see how you can truly tap…

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Uncovering My Own Presence

Written by Jenny Wiley As the senior producer of the first-ever One Idea Away Retreat in California, it was pretty easy to get swept up in all the details and to-dos of running the event. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating a safe, supportive space…

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Unwanted Advice: Here’s What to Do When It Happens to You

Ah, unwanted advice. It's a staple of living--assuming you don't live on a desert island. We’re all connected to well-meaning others with thoughts, feelings, and opinions about what we should or shouldn't do. Sincere loved ones and friends who just…

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Take a Breath, Start Where You’re At

Written by Jordan Page You can only breathe in the present. You can’t breathe in the past. You can’t breathe in the future. You can only breathe, here and now.  I heard this simple meditation at the recent Uncover Retreat. It’s true when breathing…

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Your Courage Will Reward You Immensely

Everyday life brings us something new to meet head-on or to sidestep. With any situation there's the choice to do your best, to resolve the issues at hand, or to remove yourself completely. No matter the circumstance, there's always a level of…

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The Real Value of Values

If you've been reading for a while, you know that Ukulele entered my life about a year ago--and I love playing the little thing. It's so accessible (it stays right next to my desk), simple (four strings), and very versatile. I play rock, folk,…

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Loving Kindness in Its Many Forms

Written by Lisa Kaplin In January I attended the Uncover Retreat. The retreat exceeded my already high expectations in every way. Yet for me, the most painful experience of the weekend turned out to be the most profound. Luke Iorio, one of our…

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Top 10 Quotes on the Power of Adversity for Success & Happiness

You’ve just landed and your dream vacation is about to begin. Because you've been dreaming for months about the delicious food, the adventures, and the relaxation ahead of you, your anticipation's high. As you take a deep breath, you realize that…

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Keeping Your Head Clear and Your Heart Strong with Non-Judgment In Challenging Times

We all experience challenging times. They’ve been part of life’s journey since forever. And these days we’re all increasingly connected through our smart devices. So, besides whatever complexities we may be managing, troubling news and tragedies of…

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Release Judgment to Be a Powerful Writer

It’s been years since I felt the sting of being ostracized. When you’re young you think no one can stop you as you make plans for a bright future. Working hard, following the rules, and reaching for the stars, were the qualities I lived. As a…

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