The Nature of Your Brain and Success: Endocannabinoids

In this series on the Nature of Your Brain and Success, I’ll be talking about how Nature designed your body and, specifically, your brain to increase your overall well-being and health in conditions of success. Every day there’s more information on…

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Leadership Traits: Enable Your Team’s Success Through Strong Leadership (Part 3)

This is the final part of a three-part leadership series. Don’t Destroy for Failure, Train to Succeed Learn from failures. Failure's how we learn. One of iPEC’s foundational principles is, “There are no mistakes.” If you believe in this, everything…

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Escalators Are Really Exercise Machines: Flying With Small Kids

In my many years of being a mom, I've traveled with my kids across continents various times. My kids were of different ages and the trips were of different lengths. What I found was that if a put aside my need to be comfortable and actually expected…

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Breakthrough to Writing Genius

Wouldn’t it be grand if every time you sat down to compose something, your writing genius exploded with creativity? Can you imagine the joy you’d feel as your thoughts flew out of your mind and wonderfully hit the paper in perfect formation? As a…

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Squeeze-In an Emotional Workout

Emotions with catabolic (i.e. constricting, destroying, limiting) energy don't typically feel very good. Yet, they're extremely natural and common. We ALL feel these kinds of emotions. But what can we do with them? There's a whole spectrum of…

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The Nature of Your Brain and Success: The Dopamine Drive

Nature designed your body and, specifically, your brain to increase your overall well-being and health in conditions of success. Researchers have measured the neurotransmitters and chemicals that play vital roles in this. When you have an…

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The Secret to Clearing the Clutter to Achieve First-Rate Writing

Paulo Coelho said, “Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things—thoughts, ideas, and opinions.” Before you can share anything, you must be in a state of mind where you think clearly and you have the ability to…

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Transform Endings Into Beginnings

I am nearing the end . . . Recently, I earned my "high-red" belt in Taekwondo, which signifies the end of incremental belts on my way towards a black belt. Each incremental (or "color" belt) has a form associated with it and each form has a…

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Are You Suffering From Victimhood or Sitting On Rocket Fuel?

Some people hold onto their victimhood. They don't realize that they are sitting on rocket fuel. Zette Harbour Your spouse just announced they're leaving your relationship. The work and effort you've spent to build a successful business have ended…

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Coaching: Where to Go (And Not…)

Coaching's the most popular topic today. Everyone's talking about it. And too much talking may also mean too little action. Not only from the hiring perspective but from norms, legislation, and professional environment perspective. When coming to…

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