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Choose the Meaning of Your Life

Written by Matt Hogan January 8, 2020 “The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” ―Joseph Campbell Over the course of four months . . . I left my job, Sold most of my belongings, Cashed out part of my…

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Living the Dream (And Knowing When to Chase a New One)

Written by Tara Ondusky, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, LSSBB, PMP December 18, 2019 I recently did an activity in a small group that showed me exactly how my dreams have come true (and how I got all of those letters after my name)! I was asked to draw a house…

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Zen and the Art of Puppy Training: Finding Acceptance and Bliss in Everyday Life

Written by Lisa Marie Nelson December 13, 2019 Yesterday morning I found myself hiking around our hilly yard watching the sky awaken, shading from navy to aqua to pink while our two pups, Anela and Kona, cavorted across the dew-soaked ground. The…

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Commitment in the New Year: Providence Moves Too

Written by Luke Iorio December 11, 2019 H. Murray in The Scottish Himalayan Expedition: "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one…

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The Life Purpose of a Good Girl

Written by Mariya Petrenko December 6, 2019 A recent conversation had me voice my opinion about what purpose and fulfillment meant to me. Struggling to put these big concepts into a concise statement, the thoughts took me back to around a year ago,…

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The Importance of Boundaries to Find the Peace Within

Written by Arlene Schneider November 27, 2019 Does this conversation sound familiar? “How are you?” “Crazy!” “How’s your day going?” “It’s crazy!” Sometimes that does feel like reality, but how true is it really that a day, in itself, is "crazy?"…

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Life After Trauma: The Choice to Heal

Written by Angelic Muhammad November 8, 2019 Trigger Warning: This article speaks to sexual abuse.  All of my life I've been fighting . . . even while in the womb. When my mom was pregnant with me, the doctor told her there were three true knots in…

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Gratitude Practice Elements: When Gratitude Falls Short

Written by Luke Iorio, President of One Idea Away and iPEC November 15, 2019 There have been a lot of stories and research supporting how gratitude contributes to your overall happiness and wellbeing. For instance, separate research by both Robert…

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Questions to Shift Your Perspective: Dealing with Violence and Fear in Today’s World

Written by Arlene Schneider November 13, 2019 It's difficult--if not impossible--to ignore the violence and destruction we see on an almost daily basis. People share that they're frightened for their children and for themselves. This makes perfect…

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The Advantage of the Disadvantage: How to Use the Power of Reframing

Written by Ramona Harvey November 1, 2019 At the end of college, I had the idea to go somewhere far away from home. It was the summer of 1995, five years after Romania’s borders opened up following the fall of communism. Mine was the first…

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