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Burnout Denial: How to Mind the Signs of Burnout and Course Correct

Written by Luke Iorio, President of One Idea Away and iPEC Burnt Out, But Not Believing It How much of this is a little too familiar? You’ve committed time, energy, and serious effort to get to this point. You’re either nearing the cusp of it paying…

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Signs You’ve Hit Career Burnout (And What to Do About It)

By Emily Liou “So, you’re a short-timer, huh?” I'll never forget the shame my manager made me feel as I eagerly stashed my laptop into my bag. It was 7:36 p.m. and I'd just finished an 11-hour day filled with back-to-back meetings and endless…

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How Intimacy With Your Core Values Can Inspire Your Business Success

Your core values are already pushing--either with you or against you. If you've experienced pressure, tension, and friction in your career or business it's because you aren't taking your core values into consideration. Imagine a river. You're in a…

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8-Point Checklist: Starting A Business As A Woman Over 50

If you were going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, would you wake up one day and say "I’ve always wanted to hike the PCT," grab a backpack, toss in some water and snacks, lace up your shoes, and head out the door? If you did, how far do you think…

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Ready to Get Busy Doing for You? Here’s How to Make Today the Day

Doing what? And when? You're no doubt busy. Modern life's action-packed. But let's face it, there's "busy" doing, well, not much. Are your most important goals and projects front and center on your to-do list? Ready to get busy doing what matters…

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Activate Your Gratitude and You’ll Supercharge Your Writing

Have you noticed that when you put your energy and focus into feeling badly, unfulfilled and angry, you find yourself in a paralyzed state of mind? You may be anxious or extremely frustrated because despite how hard you work to achieve what brings…

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What’s the Point of Flow?

Whenever I teach, record a video, or podcast, I often don't know what I'm going to say. And when it's over, in fact, I have a hard time remembering what I just said. I'll even go back and re-listen and be like, "Hmmm. This guy has some interesting…

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Top 6 Reasons for Women Over 50 & Beyond to Start a Business

"So where do we start? We start by dismantling the belief that if we just tough it out, things will return to normal. The truth is that we’re not going back. The normal we knew is gone." Elizabeth White Elizabeth White's an author and former…

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So, You’re Afraid…Now What? Befriending Fear to Disrupt Its Grip Whenever It Wants to Stop You

In the mood to befriend fear today? Because the truth is, that fearful voice in your head is for you in a way. Think about it. Imagine it. Then step on into the game we’re about to play. Befriend fear. Now. Try It. After all, we each have our own…

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The Art of Showing up While Turning Possibilities Into Realities

Is your writing a hobby--something you do only for pleasure--or do you seriously write to make a difference? If you're a serious writer, do you actively participate to make life better for others? As a child, I recall something my dad often said to…

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