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Discover the Balance to Serenity and Choose to Celebrate Life

The passing of time's a funny thing. There are days in your life when you think the hours can’t go by fast enough. And then there are other moments that you wish could last forever. Looking back on the past 30 years of my marriage it seems…

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How Intuition Leads to a Movement

I want to be great. Actually, I bet that most of us want to be great. Greatness is a powerful word and an even more powerful idea. Often we admire those that we view as great or as having achieved greatness. I'll come back to this in a second . . .…

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Stay or Go? The 3 Step Process for Ultimate Decision-Making Clarity

So you’re thinking about quitting. Whether it’s a job, a lifestyle, or a relationship—quitting, even when it’s right, is never easy. Below is a simple, three-step process that can help you to uncover if it’s time to walk away so you can make a new…

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5 Tips to Welcome All Emotions

Feelings are one of life’s miracles. There are words in French that are difficult to translate, like “Etats d’Ames.”  We talk about state of soul instead of state of mind. Many times clients call me because they feel down, sad, or angry, and they…

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Writing That Appeals to Your Heart

As a parent, there have been many moments over the years that justify the meaning of what makes you proud of your children. I recall one remarkable time as my 10-year-old daughter did something absolutely incredible! It was the holiday season and…

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Make a Decision, Receive Guidance, and Gain Knowledge

"The only real valuable thing is intuition." Albert Einstein Have you heard that quote before? It's new to me, and it's pretty surprising that one of the greatest thinkers of our time considers intuition, of all things, to be "the only real…

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How A Map of Your Life Inspires Direction & Meaning

Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien You've been wandering aimlessly without direction or meaning for days. You weren't sure where you were when you started and now you don't know whether you've gotten anywhere. You've just been walking…

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The Miracle of Believing You Can Do It

Has someone in your life told you that you can do anything? That declaration's usually followed by, "all you have to do is put your mind to it." How you react to this testimony may vary. Perhaps you’ll feel a burst of energy that takes you to new,…

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4 Best Reasons To Expand Your Gratitude

In the absence of gratitude, our physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being suffers. You're probably familiar with the most curmudgeonly ingrate in literature, Mr. Scrooge. His spectacularly ungrateful perspective on his life and the people…

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5 Steps to Work With Your Intuition

In January 2018, I knew that I was going to start a business. While I didn't know when, exactly, I had a strong feeling it would be some time in 2018. On February 1st 2018, I gave my resignation notice to my then employer. My last day in the…

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