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Question Your Can’t: Rising Above Limitations

Written by Karen Baltimore September 4, 2019 I started college at age 36, much later than most. During this time, I developed a love of running—it boosted energy, calmed my anxiety, and was much cheaper than therapy. In my last semester, I developed…

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Trust the Process: Learning to Accept What Is

Written by Laura Abernathy August 30, 2019 Are you like me? Do you get overwhelmed with your life?  I’m the founder of a nonprofit school of the soul. I’ve been growing this “child” of mine for 22 years now. The journey has been fulfilling,…

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Want a Happier Life? Acceptance and Flexibility are Good Places to Start

Written by Luke Iorio August 23, 2019 I'll freely admit I had a big challenge with the word and notion of acceptance. For so long, acceptance meant resignation, mediocrity, giving in, settling for less, and so on. If I accept this situation, it'll…

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Is It Possible to Change? How to Make Quick and Fast Improvements

Written by Steven C. Hayes, PhD August 12, 2019 People often fail to make a change because they get stuck in their own heads. They might struggle with a lack of motivation, or fight with self-doubts like, “I’m not strong enough,” or “This isn't…

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I Choose How I Want to Feel and Think at Any Given Moment

Written by Arlene Schneider August 16, 2019 Hi! My name's Arlene and I'm a recovering Negative Nelly. I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon excursion with an old friend. We were enjoying our coffee as she began talking about her sister, whom she…

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Raising a Boy Right: Scouts and Scoundrels Everywhere

Written by Michael Reichert, PhD August 7, 2019 I lead an emotional literacy program at a boys school outside of Philadelphia. Though I've been a researcher and a clinician specializing with men and boys for many years, I often make a common mistake…

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Meditation Practice: Practicing Uncertainty to Find Your Way

Written by Luke Iorio July 31, 2019 Picture this: You’re a sophomore in college. You connect with an incredibly talented music group that you sign and they go multi-platinum. You launch a record label, tech-investment fund, and make a splash in the…

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How to Write the Story of Your Life

Written by Zette Habour July 24, 2019 4 Ways to Rewrite Your Story "The story you make up for yourself is what your life becomes." Joan Borysenko Your eyes see, your brain translates, your mind perceives. Although you see things all day, it is your…

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How to Live After Tragedy by Choosing to Keep Going

Written by Tony Degliomini July 17, 2019 Sunday, June 17th, 2015, is etched in my mind forever . . . some call it fate and some may call it destiny--or something more personal and profound. I decided to enter a 25-mile Phillies charity bicycle ride…

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Why Am I Here? The Search for Meaning

Written by Laura Abernathy July 10, 2019 Why am I here? Humans might be the only creature on earth that can conceive of this question. The question itself shows how separated from life humans can get--particularly in comparison to other animals.…

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