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What No One Tells You About Trust

Written by Zette Harbour August 19, 2020 Why would you trust me? You see, trusting someone requires one essential ingredient that no one tells you about. For instance, you’ve probably heard that trust requires getting to know someone. Then, starting…

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Want-A-Holics Anonymous

Written by Dr. Rana Al-Falaki August 14, 2020 I used to be a want-a-holic . . . What exactly is a "want-a-holic" (you may ask)? It’s when you always want something with the belief that when you get it, you'll be happy, or feel fulfilled. I was so…

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Your Higher Self Is Always Trying to Communicate With You

Written by Mari Roberts August 12, 2020 Many years ago, I heard about listening to the pings (your personal, internal signal) that tell us when it’s time to move on. You hear about this more in the space of relationships: “listen to the whispers to…

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The Fallacy of Fearless and Why That’s a Good Thing

Written by Karen Baltimore July 24, 2020 In 0.89 seconds, Google reveals approximately 97.7 million hits containing the word fearless. Amazon lists over 8,000 books with fearless in the title. Clearly, the idea of fearless is a popular one. Of…

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5 Steps to Take You From Stuck to Moving Forward

Written by Raluca Gomeja July 17, 2020 "I'm stuck!" How many times have we found ourselves blocked in a situation without seeing any way out? And the more we looked for solutions, the more it became frustrating because no matter what we tried, it…

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Is Internal Alignment the Key to Happiness?

Written by Raluca Gomeaja July 1, 2020 All human beings fundamentally want the same thing: to be happy. And yet you've heard so many times, that happiness isn't a destination, but a journey. So much of what we do or what we think and what we feel's…

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Moments That Brought You to the Mirror of Conscious Reflection

Written by Suneeta Kudaravalli June 26, 2020 “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway I've always been a personal development junkie, wanting to…

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The Pursuit of Growing Together

Written by Raluca Gomeaja June 24, 2020 Effort. So much effort . . . In these unusual times so many people do put a lot of effort not only in moving their lives and their work further, but also in supporting others to do the same, in their own…

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Once Upon a Time There Was a Coach Who Didn’t Know She Was a Coach

Written by Ashlee Dutton June 17, 2020 Coach and the Beanstalk Sometimes, what coaching is and how you become one can be quite the fairy tale. In my case, coaching was not the knight on the trusty steed coming to rescue me as we galloped happily…

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What’s Realistic and Reasonable for Your New Reality?

Written by Lauren LeMunyan June 12, 2020 The other day I saw a post asking, “What's your COVID-19 motto?”  I got to thinking about that--what is a motto, really?  For me, it's something that helps me put a framework together. It helps me set my…

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