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Patience: The Underlying Key to Success

Written by Nina Cashman February 12, 2020 Are you impatient? Chances are, if you’ve got the slightest twitch of ambition, you are--at least just a little--impatient. When we strive for success in any sort of endeavor, most of us wish our results…

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Two Ideas That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Written by Ramona Harvey February 7, 2020 It wasn’t until about three years after coming to the US from Romania that I heard about the term "resolution." At first I thought it was a legal term. The way I understood its meaning, I perceived it as a…

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Seeking Happiness First: Releasing the “Happy When” Mindset

Written by Lisa Kaplin January 29, 2020 I’ve recently come to realize that most of us are on a backward happiness hunt. We’ve tied our happiness to success: financial success, material success, a big career, Instagram-worthy trips, friendships, etc.…

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The Path of Spiritual Growth: The Grace of the “In-Between”

Written by Karen Baltimore January 24, 2020 When moving from a space of knowledge to one of belief on a path of spiritual growth, new habits may feel like playing pretend. Affirmations can feel downright fraudulent. The life you desire can feel so…

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Nothing is a Waste That’s Fully Experienced

Written by Ryan Poling January 22, 2020 I guess I never really took a long hard look at how fleeting life is. Maybe you can relate? I grew up in a hardened working culture that said, “It doesn’t matter what’s happening now, you need to save for…

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Choose the Meaning of Your Life

Written by Matt Hogan January 8, 2020 “The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” ―Joseph Campbell Over the course of four months . . . I left my job, Sold most of my belongings, Cashed out part of my…

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Living the Dream (And Knowing When to Chase a New One)

Written by Tara Ondusky, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, LSSBB, PMP December 18, 2019 I recently did an activity in a small group that showed me exactly how my dreams have come true (and how I got all of those letters after my name)! I was asked to draw a house…

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Zen and the Art of Puppy Training: Finding Acceptance and Bliss in Everyday Life

Written by Lisa Marie Nelson December 13, 2019 Yesterday morning I found myself hiking around our hilly yard watching the sky awaken, shading from navy to aqua to pink while our two pups, Anela and Kona, cavorted across the dew-soaked ground. The…

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Commitment in the New Year: Providence Moves Too

Written by Luke Iorio December 11, 2019 H. Murray in The Scottish Himalayan Expedition: "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one…

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The Life Purpose of a Good Girl

Written by Mariya Petrenko December 6, 2019 A recent conversation had me voice my opinion about what purpose and fulfillment meant to me. Struggling to put these big concepts into a concise statement, the thoughts took me back to around a year ago,…

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