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Unleash the Power of of Your Leadership Team Using These 3 Strategies

"In the future there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." Sheryl Sandberg Last year, a study of more than 21,000 public companies in 91 countries by Peterson Institute (a US Think Tank), and EY, the professional services firm,…

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Leadership Traits: Enable Your Team’s Success Through Strong Leadership (Part 1)

This is Part One of a three-part leadership series that I'll post over the coming weeks. What's a leader’s responsibility? Being a leader means that you're responsible for EVERY-thing that your organization does—whether you wanted them to do it or…

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Interested in Higher Profits? Why You Want a More Diverse Leadership Team

"Good leaders organize and align people around what the team needs to do. Great leaders motivate and inspire people with why they’re doing it. That’s purpose. And that’s the key to achieving something truly transformational." Marillyn Hewson,…

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Logic or Emotion: Which Is More Important to Lead Effectively?

As the famous philosopher Plato once said, "Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” However, as leaders, we often believe we need to disregard those first two aspects of ourselves to be effective.…

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How to Successfully Complete Goal Setting

New Year’s is a popular time for people to commit to making changes in their life, but any time of the year's a great opportunity to set new goals. Goal setting's a technique used by people in leadership roles to enhance their performance and…

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Growth by Being Uncomfortable

By nature, we're creatures of habit and anything that breaks into our habitual routine can induce stress. What would be the rationale of straying from our comfort zones if it causes stress? There may be challenges, anxiety, frustration when…

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Why Aren’t They Listening to Me?

"I have a plan, know what to do and if they would just trust me we would be so much further along!" Does that sound familiar? And frustrating? You are an experienced leader. Direct, decisive and knowledgeable. You’ve got enormous pressure to perform…

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Do You Need a Stick to Hold a Meeting?

Congress, during the shutdown, used an old tool, the talking stick, to help their meetings and negotiations come to a conclusion. But do we really need a stick to hold an effective meeting? Purpose and Desired Outcome The secret to an effective…

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3 Things to Do to Get the CEO and the Board on the Same Page

As a Board, you’re in a quandary. Your CEO of 18 months is highly qualified technically and financially to lead the company to the growth you need to deliver the expected return. The product's under way and development milestones are being met.…

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