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Growth, Value, Contribution: The DNA of Transformative Leadership

Written by Melpomeni N. Murdakes, CPC, ELI-MP August 21, 2020 How do I make a difference? Is my work having an impact on the community I serve? Am I engaging my team in the pursuit of meaningful goals? Today, more than ever, many of us are asking…

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Inspire Others by Leading With Watchfulness

Written by Sean Reid July 22, 2020 We're in a time when leaders are experiencing pressure to offer some sort of inspiration amid much confusion and uncertainty. Some are rising to the occasion. Some are hesitating–unsure of what to say and afraid of…

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The Workplace is Ready for Conscious Leadership

Written by Meredith Turney June 15, 2020 Work stress and unhealthy organizational cultures result in untold anxiety and attendant health issues. While the workplace presents many opportunities for growth, the way it's been functioning has led to…

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The Energy of Leadership: Success Is in Your Blood

Written by Rachel Carey January 17, 2020 “How can I be a leader?” The voice in my head says loudly, trying to pull me back to safety--but the secret to success was always in my blood.   In this moment of reflection, I stood in front of a group of…

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Mean Girls in the Executive Suite: How Do You Choose to Show Up?

You’ve just pulled off the negotiation of the decade. You're strong, capable, and at the top of your game. You’re an inspiring leader. Then . . . Wham! Your CHRO makes a comment about your energetic style that takes you back to fourth grade when you…

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5 Things Every Good Leader Has to Get Right

In my last blog, I introduced a new series where I'll be discussing the five things every leader must get right if they're to be effective. We launched the series with the concept that leadership isn't about you, instead it’s about your team and…

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It Isn’t About You: 5 Things Every Good Leader Has to Get Right

In many of my blogs, I talk about advanced leadership qualities such as mindfulness, preparing for failure, and aligning personal with professional values. However, I wanted to take a step back in my next series of posts and focus on the…

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How Courting Conflict as a Leader Improves Your Business

Do you avoid conflict? You might be surprised by how many leaders I talk with who believe that all conflict's bad, and that avoiding it helps create a harmonious workplace. Guess what? Those leaders are never the most successful ones, largely due to…

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Are You the Badda Book, Badda Boom Leader?

Have you seen the new Badda Book, Badda Boom ad campaign by Choice Hotels? I was watching late-night television the other evening and this commercial happened to come on. While I appreciate the creativity behind the campaign, I can’t help but view…

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When You’re on Track Everything Flows – Trust Your Decisions and Get Going

Have you ever had those times when everything was in alignment? When you were totally focused and authentic? You feel calm, strong, and powerful. I've had one of those days and it’s helping me to trust the relatively big decision I’m about to make.…

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