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Feeling Alone? Ending the Mental Health Stigma

Written by Jeff Newman August 28, 2019 "You are not alone." Before my diagnosis at the age of 52, I lived a life of love, joy, and harmony. I was living the American dream personally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. I was one…

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A Purpose Driven Life: The Courage to Take the Leap

Written by Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey June 19, 2019 “I’ll never be an entrepreneur.” This was something I said for most of my life.   I had a corporate career of over 25 years that gave me a sense of security, a paycheck, and wonderful…

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Why I Meditate: Benefits From a Consistent Meditation Practice

Written by Luke Iorio, President of One Idea Away and iPEC June 12, 2019 Why I meditate . . . A friend told my wife recently that his relationship with one of his children was not going well and getting worse. His son was beginning to mimic his own…

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Pranayama Yoga: Part Two

If you're doing both asana and pranayama practices, which one do you do first? Since pranayama calms the mind (and thus the body), it's best to do it before you do your asana practice. Influenced by the pranayama, your body will be less likely to…

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Pranayama Yoga: Part One

The doorway to the Divine Within is through Silence. The human mind is an expert at filling the silence with noise. Yoga exists to help humans clear out that noise. Two yoga practices in particular--asana and pranayama--are the foundation for doing…

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“I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain…” Natural Disaster Anxiety

NATURAL DISASTER ANXIETY Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, The Memorial Day Flood, California Wildfires, The Tubbs Fire, Hurricane Maria . . . These are a few potentially devastating disasters that we've faced across the country--some of which…

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Perseverance: The Key to Keep Going

Walter Elliot said, “Perseverance is not one long race. It is many short races, one after the other.” Losing weight requires perseverance! I gained ten pounds by lying in hospitals for a month, eating regular meals while not doing any regular…

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Babies Aren’t Born Hungry: Myths About Breastfeeding That Might Surprise You

For the five+ years I've worked with Moms and newborn babies, it's baffled me how many complications get in the way of successful breastfeeding. First, I should probably clarify the reasons why breastfeeding is much better than formula feeding:…

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4 Easy Ways to Help You Get a Great Night’s Sleep!

If you sometimes have difficulty sleeping, then this article will help you understand what steps can be taken to change this. Follow the four methods below to increase and better your slumber. Method #1 ~ Bed association: Sounds strange, but what…

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Happiness Can Be Your “Present” – No Matter Your Past

"(Because I'm happy) Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof (Because I'm happy) Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…" Pharell Williams I met an Uber driver whose initials are S.W., and whose infectious optimism prompted…

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