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How to Create a Career by Listening to Your Intuition: Avoiding the “Supposed-To” Trap

Written by Lauren Ammon January 15, 2020 Top 10% of high school class. Check. Full scholarship to Division I swimming program. Check. Political Science Student of the Year. Check. Bachelor of Science, Political Science. Check. Full scholarship to…

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Internally Connected Leadership: Unleash Your Inner Bad-Boy

Written by Alan Cohen January 10, 2020 As human beings, I think we derive a sense of security by having a system of sorting through human behavior, emotions, and choices. It’s just easier when things can be filed neatly under the categories of…

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Finding Fulfillment in Work and Life

Written by Paula Rauenbuehler December 27, 2019 A few weeks ago, after my 86-year-old mother received her first set of hearing aids, she commented on how much she could hear. She was hearing sounds she hadn't been aware of for a long time prior to…

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Dream Job Turned Living Nightmare: Why a Toxic Boss Was the Worst and Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Written by Sue Mann October 2, 2019 I grew up in the most violent country in the world outside of a war zone—apartheid South Africa. But that’s not what took me down. Bullying did.  Here’s what happened: I was the girl of whom “things were…

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Feel Great at Work by Setting This Intention

There are zen bakers, perfectly content demolition workers, and deeply satisfied customer-service employees. For all intents and purposes, what you do pales in comparison to how you show up and the intentions and values you put into your work. I…

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Why Pro Bono Coaching May Not Be the Most Efficient

"Pro bono," if we stick to the Latin translation, is basically providing a service free of charge for public good. I struggled with this one act for a long time and decided to share it with you in a post. To begin with, helping people's what I do.…

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When quitting is hard, but staying is harder

If you clicked this headline, you’re likely looking for a change and quitting has crossed your mind. There’s something about the phrase “I quit” that provokes a degree of anxiety. The culture of achievement most of us grew up with, systematically…

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3 Surefire Ways to Build Mutual Respect in the Workplace 

Respect's one of those things that’s hard to gain and easy to lose. But respect's vital to a work environment. Without mutual respect, employee productivity goes down, and more mistakes get made because people just don’t care about their job when…

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We’re in Charge of Our Careers: Get Ready to Pursue Your Dreams and Your Passions

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt Affirmative action doesn’t work. Being promoted because you’re a woman when you’re not ready won't serve you or your company. We preach to the “establishment” that they…

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Is Fear Holding You Back From Success?

Pull up Google and you can read all the various acronyms for FEAR: Forget Everything and Run Face Everything and Rise False Evidence Appearing Real ... and the list goes on. While some of these acronyms are fun to read, the reality is fear has the…

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