When quitting is hard, but staying is harder

If you clicked this headline, you’re likely looking for a change and quitting has crossed your mind. There’s something about the phrase “I quit” that provokes a degree of anxiety. The culture of achievement most of us grew up with, systematically…

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3 Surefire Ways to Build Mutual Respect in the Workplace 

Respect's one of those things that’s hard to gain and easy to lose. But respect's vital to a work environment. Without mutual respect, employee productivity goes down, and more mistakes get made because people just don’t care about their job when…

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We’re in Charge of Our Careers: Get Ready to Pursue Your Dreams and Your Passions

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt Affirmative action doesn’t work. Being promoted because you’re a woman when you’re not ready won't serve you or your company. We preach to the “establishment” that they…

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Is Fear Holding You Back From Success?

Pull up Google and you can read all the various acronyms for FEAR: Forget Everything and Run Face Everything and Rise False Evidence Appearing Real ... and the list goes on. While some of these acronyms are fun to read, the reality is fear has the…

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5 Steps to Reignite Your Passion Without Switching Jobs

Does it feel like your job “enthusi-meter” is broken or in need of a serious tune-up? You wouldn’t be alone. An overwhelming majority of your workmates (a whopping 87%!) feel the same way. If you’re dragging yourself out of bed in the morning,…

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Where Do You Stand on a Team?

High-Performing Teams According to the Huffington Post, members of high-performing teams report fun and satisfaction when working on collaborative teams because they're asked to contribute at their highest potential, and they learn along the way.…

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Your Business Vision Needs Focus and Clarity

To know where you are going, you must create a vision for your business that revolves around the formulation of a vivid mental image that clarifies what you want your business to be in the future. This vision needs to be centered around your values,…

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You Got the Job! How to Resign

There are plenty of ways to resign from your job. Some are graceful, some are vindictive. Unless you want to erase everything positive you’ve accomplished since your first day on the job, your departure must be as strategic and deliberate as your…

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Emotional Intelligence: Why Your Business Needs It and How to Get It

Emotional Intelligence (sometimes called EI or EQ) may be buzz words you’ve heard around your office or on social media, but what is it? What does it mean for you? Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to control, perceive, and evaluate the…

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The Professional Interviewer

A Professional Interviewer vs an Interviewee Who's Professional There's a difference between interview candidates who prepare and present themselves professionally during the interview versus candidates who are viewed as professional interviewers.…

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