To know where you are going, you must create a vision for your business that revolves around the formulation of a vivid mental image that clarifies what you want your business to be in the future. This vision needs to be centered around your values, needs and goals. By obtaining this clarity, you will focus your energy on performing tasks that are worthwhile and will lead you to your future aspirations. Any future success you hope to achieve requires a strong vision for your business and a clear focus to guide the day-to-day operations.

Now that you have clarified what encompasses your business vision, you need to set Big Goals so you know what steps to take to help you achieve success. With your eye focused on your vision, what is the first Big Step you should take to get where you need to go?

As with all skills, setting goals requires training and practice. To help you understand, try a visualization: envision a pyramid with your Big Goal at the top and the subsequent, smaller goals you need to complete in order to get to the top. The Big Goal represents a yearly goal you set for yourself based on your Business Vision. Then, the smaller goals are the objectives you need to accomplish before you can achieve the Big Goal.

Determining the Big Goal of Your Business Vision

For goal setting to be realistic, it needs to be simple. Since each business is different and has their own individual issues, I am going to focus on a goal that relates to all businesses: increasing income!

  • The top of the pyramid is the Big Goal Objective = Boost Income 40% this year
  • The next level is the 4 Quarterly Goals = Boost Income 10% each quarter
  • The next level is the 12 Monthly Goals = Boost Income + 3.5% each month
  • Bottom of the pyramid is the 50 Weekly Goals = Boost Income + 1% each week

By looking at the smaller objectives first, you can see how easy it is to increase your income by 40% yearly. First, you focus on just increasing income 1% each week, then that 1% per week converts to more than 3.5% per month, which leads to a 10% boost each quarter. Before you know it, you have effortlessly exceeded the 40% income boost you set for your Big Goal for the year!

Do you see? To reach the top of the pyramid and achieve your Big Goal, you need to set incremental, step-by-step goals that take you on the path to reaching your larger goal. By having clarity and using your business vision to set the Big Goal, you can create small goals along the way that focus your energy and time on being successful.

Now please take the time to answer these questions: What is your business vision? What Big Goal do you want to set for this year? Are you on the right path or would a business coach help you set goals that get you where you need to go? Feel free to share your remarks in the Comments section below or reach out to me at [email protected]

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