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Wouldn’t it be grand if every time you sat down to compose something, your writing genius exploded with creativity? Can you imagine the joy you’d feel as your thoughts flew out of your mind and wonderfully hit the paper in perfect formation?

As a writer, tapping into something that affects your readerespecially in an extraordinary wayis the most important goal to reach.

Adam Ross said,

“Writers do well to carefully attend to those moments of inspiration, because chances are that they’re writing from a very deep place. The subsequent search that ensues to continually attend to that voice that you hear is what is going to give the story drive.”

Picture yourself doing something that has a positive effect on you.

I remember in the fifth grade I wanted to beat an extremely competitive girl in my class who ran the 50-yard dash in six seconds flat. It meant everything to me to finish faster than Debra.

I began to visualize with the end in mind. I had every intention of beating her time, even if it was only a 10th of a second better than her record.

I saw myself running against her, agonizing, trying to keep up with her, and then, just as the two of us were approaching the finish line, I pulled ahead of her at the last moment.

Picturing the best side of you can produce miraculous results.

I did run against that amazing runner and indeed beat her time. The joy of reaching the goal I set for myself was completely fulfilling!

What’s the secret to your writing genius breakthrough?

Finding just the right routine to set yourself up for success is essential.

Making a writing breakthrough kicks off when you take a few minutes to simply get ready to write.

One of the most important things to do before you start writing is to tune into your current state of mind.

What’s your awareness factor?

Are you physically prepared to make a difference? Is your emotional level geared up for connecting positively with your reader?

Are you rested and feeling inspired and committed to getting your writing done?

Tapping into your awareness begins with being conscious of how you approach life’s situations:

  • Start everything you do with an attitude of being behind it, whether you feel fully into it, or not.
  • Add an optimistic desire to accomplish the goal you set.
  • Grasp the situation with a “can do” boldness. Applying pressure to force writing isn’t only frustrating when the ideas don’t come to you, it’s also a waste of precious creative time.
  • It’s better to step away from your writing when you’re in a “push comes to shove” situationwhere you feel your writing’s being forced.
  • Get some fresh air, and then return to your writing once you’ve cleared the cobwebs in your head.

Here are some of my best-kept secrets to succeed at writing excellence:

  • Being creative should be fun, not difficult. Step away from your writing when it becomes trying, and instead, recapture your focus by exercising, or experiencing a guided meditation.
  • When faced with a negative circumstance, remove yourself as quickly as possible. Negativity isn’t constructive for producing great writing.
  • Distractions are rampant in daily living and being aware of them is the first step to conquering them.
  • Never allow someone to squash your dream to write. Believe in your talents and the contribution you make to others.

For this week’s invitation, try one of my best-kept secrets to influence your creativity and your best writing efforts. Let me know if this exchange was helpful in the comments below.

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