For this bonus episode, I met up with Emily leRoux, the Spartan Women Global Leader for Spartan Races, Inc, for a special Facebook Live recording on International Women’s Day.

Emily is a top-ranked sales professional with 14 years experience partnering with some of the world’s largest consumer businesses in the UK and Japan. An encouraging leader and mentor of a diverse, multicultural team of highly skilled and motivated salespeople and staff. Emily is the founder of Mums in Business Tokyo; an ever-growing network of professional females with one thing in common – we’re all frantically trying to find ways to balance working life with everything family life throws at us too. She was nominated as ‘2016 Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Emily is heading up Spartan Women and the Global Spartan Women Ambassador Program on a mission to harness the immense ability, inspiration, and experiences of Spartan Women, sharing them with our community to inspire others in overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

Topics We Discussed:

  • Spartan Races at all ages
  • Building a global community for women
  • The inclusivity at Spartan Races
  • What Emily is currently working on
  • How to get involved
  • My new burpee challenge


Original Facebook Live: Spartan Women Facebook Group: Spartan Up! interview with Marla Sweeney:  Instagram:

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