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Another cold, snow-bathed winter’s day. I’m sitting behind my laptop, looking out the window at a landscape that appears damp, brown in color, and stark.

For me, it’s the perfect time to delve deeply into my thoughts. I’ve always been a planner. Being organized and living life with a sense of order helps me to connect energetically to make the most of any day.

I love connecting through meditation, breathing in the air of a crisp day on a walk with my dog, or exercising regularly with weights and low impact aerobics.

All of these activities turn up my creativity and belief in the impact published writing can have on all of the important someones.

Taking a life experience and sharing a story, builds a relationship that has the potential of developing an unbreakable bond with those who are looking for support and knowledge to live better lives.

Your writing can be a stepping stone to getting noticed by people who can open doors in many new and wonderful ways.

At times, self-judgment gets in the way of your dreams and visions of future writing results.

Three ways you can be easier on yourself as you continue to publish your writing.

One – Stop letting others control you with their negative comments–you’re better than that. Negativity’s a component of life on a bad day. Reach out and instead, surround yourself with people who inspire you and show you the way in a more positive direction.

Two – Accept God or a higher power to guide you on your journey. A higher power knows when, where, and how life will transpire. Believe in the potential of you and the future will fall into place as it’s planned.

Three – Have that personal, one-on-one conversation with yourself, asking what you can do to feel more complete to make the connection to your purpose.

Own your feelings

Anger’s something you experience when you feel let down by someone, or when life isn’t progressing at the speed you want. Owning your feelings is a start. However, being patient is a lifetime commitment. Believing in your talents and capabilities is a lifetime pledge.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with anger, it’s not a bad thing to have a personal meltdown. Try not to stay there for more than a short while. And instead, return to honor the positive things that make you an incredible person and recognize the value you bring to others.

Write down how you could have reacted differently. Instead of getting angry and blaming someone else, own your feelings by reflecting on letting go of the negativity of the situation.

Letting go of your anger can be cleansing and it’s also a valuable step in getting back to moving your writing forward. See yourself in a space where you’re moving away from the anger and into a positive direction that serves you fully.

Continue each day to learn something new about yourself and the world you live in. These actions set you up for success.

With dedication and a consistent effort to work toward improving your writing, your desire to share the results of your writing will escalate, and soon your time to shine will be upon you.

Here’s today’s writing invitation: Look to ignite your writing by connecting to what inspires you.

I can help you. I’ll be launching a new company soon called “Confident Author.” I look forward to supporting you.

Thank you for your comments and your emails at [email protected]. Your thoughts are always welcome.

Photo Credit: Tyler Nix,