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The value of persistence comes from a vision of the future that’s so compelling you would give almost anything to make it real.

As a young girl, my persistence meter always ran extremely high. No matter what I did in life I reached for the stars. I persevered to be the best I could be. I believed I could make anything come to pass by willing it first, and then doing everything in my power to see it through to fruition.

To this day, I continue to approach life with a strong work ethic. I’m less of the doe-eyed girl as I once was. However, I’ve learned that with persistence, I can reach and even touch the stars to serve others in the greatest way.

Engaging yourself to be persistent is a quality that requires constant nurturing.

Lots of energy is expected for this kind of resolve and pure dedication is a necessity. It often takes more than your willingness to be steadfast to get the job done–your attitude toward how the outcome concludes is central to the reality of your vision.

It’s perfectly normal to question whether or not you’re on the right track and to convince yourself that you’re actually fulfilling a designated purpose that brings value in the eyes of others.

Writing has the potential to fulfill a purpose. Take what’s percolating in your mind and refuse to lose these thoughts. Write them down as soon as these reflections transpire. It’s a shame to lose these pearls of wisdom that can so easily disappear if they aren’t recording immediately.

Writing’s meant to be exhilarating, not exhausting. When you write to the point of being thoroughly drained you should feel a sense of reward that completes you.

Take your writing intentions and choose to persuade, entertain,  inform, or educate your audience. No matter your approach, your efforts matter. Always have goals to attain and a vision to reach. These ambitions power your writing.

You’ll be seen and your words will be heard. Consistently write by putting your work in the public eye. Know you’re meant to be among other authors and find an audience that’s yours alone.

Successful writing involves perspective and perception. How your readers receive what you write comes when you write thoughtfully while delivering a product that adds value.

My dad was a great teacher. He probably didn’t recognize his talent, however, he always managed to give me the time I needed to learn something new and to provide the foresight to improve my perception of life. He taught me to give myself second (and third) chances if necessary. Try applying that lesson to your writing!

Your writing doesn’t always come out perfect in the first draft. Tweaking your copy and re-reading it aloud gives what you write strength, new meaning, and the energy and sparkle your writing deserves!

Here’s your writing invitation: Inspiration is an important ingredient for any writing project. Tap into your inspiration through the gifts God provides in a sunset or a sunrise. When you’ve found your personal inspiration you’ll see the relevance necessary to create a meaningful relationship between you and your reader.

I’m excited to announce the coming of a new website and business called, Confident Author. Looking forward to connecting with you.

In the meantime, comment below and let me know how your writing is coming along. Or write a note to me at [email protected].

Photo Credit: Jaco Pretorius,