Great conversation about the condition that many women may not know they have or suffer with silently, endometriosis. She details possible symptoms to look for, procedures, the importance of mindset, self-care, and results her clients have gotten. She also has an upcoming 5 day challenge. Listen to the end for details.


Michelle Brookes, who has endometriosis herself, helps  ladies with endometriosis live a happier, healthier life. Her mission is to provide them with a tailored plan that will help them control the condition, not it control them.


I met her at the end of last year in an online course about LinkedIn where she has her own LinkedIn group.


Through her  extensive research and experimentation with many techniques that are used in synergy provide her a virtually pain free life. Her greatest pleasure is to pass on her experiences with other women and in turn see them go from desperation with their symptoms to a much more balanced existence.


She’s a qualified PT, nutrition coach and have notions in counselling. She collaborates with reflexologists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists and physiotherapists to provide a well rounded base of knowledge for her clients to benefit

Many women have endo without even knowing it and take on average 10 years for diagnosis. It’s also my aim to raise more awareness and make sure women realise that a painful period isn’t normal and we are worth it to be heard !

I’ll be promoting a FREE 5 day beat the bloat challenge.