This Bachelorette recap features real-life dating advice taken from the most recent episodes of the show. Marni and Man Panelist Chris Gillis talk about how much they like Katie, why kissing shouldn’t be the end of a relationship, and the importance of getting the important, lifestyle questions out at the beginning of the dating process. 


Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Less is more when it comes to physical alterations
  • When to ask tough questions in the dating process
  • Guys wank off all the time
  • Predictions about Katie’s frontrunners

Katie Narrows Down the List [2:23]

Connor, aka the Cat Guy, took a big hit after what seemed to be a great date. Katie says goodbye to him and when he asks why she twists the knife and says it was his kiss. Marni says Katie has other guys to choose from so she can be picky but in real life dating if you meet your version of Connor, don’t let kissing be the end all be all. Katie should have been gentler with Connor.

It IS possible to instruct and work with men who have challenges in the kissing department. 

In a long-term relationship, the amount of kissing dwindles over the years. Don’t judge someone based on a few kisses. 

Marni and Chris agree the double date with Kaitlyn’s new face was unnecessary. Why would the producers do it? And as far as changing your face or body because you think guys like it, Marni’s advice is less is more, including spider-like eyelashes. 

If you change your appearance to be what you think guys find attractive you are wrong. 


The WOWO Challenge [13:43]

The guys of the Bachelorette were given a challenge to not masturbate. The producers aired conversations about how much each one wanks off. Marni has a hard time believing some guys do it three times a day until Chris clarifies that it’s true. He says it is important to get rid of all the bullets in your gun before a date, especially if you like a girl. He adds that men can turn primal and become dumb animals looking at T&A. 

If the guy you are dating looks at porn, don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you, men think about sex every 7 seconds. 


Bachelorette Predictions: Who Will Katie Choose? [17:43]

Katie can not keep a villain on the show. It is probably driving the producers crazy. As soon as there is drama Katie shuts it down and says goodbye to the guy causing it. When she discovered Hunter lied twice she asked him about it. He seemed disinterested in defending himself so she said goodbye.

Chris predicts Katie will choose between Greg, Blake, and Andrew. He feels like she wants to hurry up and make a decision. Marni thinks Greg is the frontrunner. 


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