MX020 -- How to Stake Your Claim on Calm

I'm talking this episode about the conscious effort it takes to find your sanctuary space. No one does it for you. It is a muscle you have to build for yourself and by that process, it makes you stronger in all areas of your life. For more great content, go check out and all the…

MX019 -- Welcome to the Stress Dojo

I've rebranded my business and the podcast had to come along well to make it all cohesive. I talk about the process of change and why this had to happen.

Stanza 6 the invitation - the world is made of stories

The world is made of stories. From the moment you exit the womb, stories are being told. Can you write new ones as needed or do you stay shackled to yours even after reality has changed?

Awake After 40 intro

Talking about my facebook community Awake After 40 and apologizing for not creating content for the past month...ooopsie.

Intensity vs intimacy

Expounding on the last 2 episodes, I look at the worst juggling act of all.

Invitation stanzas 3-5 part 2

Joy and Sorrow - The dark side