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Living With Loss: Depression Is Unresolved Grief

Written by Patti Ashley, PhD, LPC Feburary 19, 2020 A little over three years ago my fiancé, Laurence Freedom, died of a sudden heart attack. Everything that I'd learned about grief from having lost my father the same way when I was eleven years old (and subsequently, becoming a therapist) didn’t…

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Patience: The Underlying Key to Success

Written by Nina Cashman February 12, 2020 Are you impatient? Chances are, if you’ve got the slightest twitch of ambition, you are--at least just a little--impatient. When we strive for success in any sort of endeavor, most of us wish our results would come sooner, rather than later. So, it seems…

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Two Ideas That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Written by Ramona Harvey February 7, 2020 It wasn’t until about three years after coming to the US from Romania that I heard about the term "resolution." At first I thought it was a legal term. The way I understood its meaning, I perceived it as a new start, a clean slate. Resolutions seemed like…

Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

All Things Work Together for Good

This podcast discusses how things work together progressively as we keep our intentions focused on good.

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Seeking Happiness First: Releasing the "Happy When" Mindset

Written by Lisa Kaplin January 29, 2020 I’ve recently come to realize that most of us are on a backward happiness hunt. We’ve tied our happiness to success: financial success, material success, a big career, Instagram-worthy trips, friendships, etc. None of these are bad or undesirable goals, yet…

Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

Get Ready

This podcast discusses the importance and power of readiness.