Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

Expect Surprises

This podcast discusses how we can be open to divine surprises on our spiritual journey and feel the blessings that provides.

Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

Awakening, not awaiting

This podcast discusses how to awaken to your blessings rather than wait for them to appear.

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Question Your Can’t: Rising Above Limitations

Written by Karen Baltimore September 4, 2019 I started college at age 36, much later than most. During this time, I developed a love of running—it boosted energy, calmed my anxiety, and was much cheaper than therapy. In my last semester, I developed a hip tear that required surgery. As I hobbled…

Divine Purpose Insights with Laura Moliter

Getting Clarity

This podcast discusses how to find clarity in your divine purpose and day to day life and work.

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Trust the Process: Learning to Accept What Is

Written by Laura Abernathy August 30, 2019 Are you like me? Do you get overwhelmed with your life?  I’m the founder of a nonprofit school of the soul. I’ve been growing this “child” of mine for 22 years now. The journey has been fulfilling, shocking, frustrating, demanding, and exhilarating.…

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Feeling Alone? Ending the Mental Health Stigma

Written by Jeff Newman August 28, 2019 "You are not alone." Before my diagnosis at the age of 52, I lived a life of love, joy, and harmony. I was living the American dream personally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. I was one fulfilled, happy camper.  I’m sure you've heard…