Welcome to The Stress Dojo

I've rebranded my business and the podcast had to come along well to make it all cohesive. I talk about the process of change and why this had to happen.

On The Road to Simplicity (it's powerful ya'll)

I'm keeping on moving into the simple space, ya'll. It's powerful though it can feel elusive and maybe a little scary too. Come on get simple!

Cut Down Stress by Cutting Down Seemingly Unimportant Decisions

September is the new January. It's time to get focused and pare away the uncessary, the extra, and the distracting. Take a look at your seemingly unimportant decisions that keep you stuck in confusing activity with achievement.Schedule a coaching session here: https://squ.re/2ASc2an

3 Ideas on Wise Mindset After Tragedy or Change

I'm talking this episode about the mindset adjustments that help after big events happen. You can get through them by being flexible and adaptable with Harmony, Excellence, and Sustainability. This was originally written about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I'm making this episode on the 1 year…

4 stepping stones to life changes

How to make change in a way that works. Today I talk about changing habitual ways of doing things that are not working in your best interest.

Mindful Monday Meditation

This meditation is from "Fear Less" by Dan Sluyter. It's been a minute since I did a meditaiton, so I'm putting up a fresh one for you.