Anxiety part 2 - Mental Health Month

More ideas on how to shift your relationship to anxiety and fear as well as emotional discomfort in general are on the plate for today's episode. I mention another podcast from Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. Here's the link for that:…

Anxiety pt 1 -Mental Health Month 2019

In this episode I flip the script on anxiety (fear) so you can see it's just a biological function and not a scary drama monster. It's actually here to help. Let's open the door on anxiety and get some fresh air up in here.

EMDR, Private Practice catch up episode

Playing a quick catch up on this episode letting you know that EMDR is now part of the therapy offered in my private pracitce. I talk some of what EMDR is and what it's used for. I talk about links to my sliding scale therapist directory listing here: and my full fee…

Slow down, Work smart not hard

Today I'm talking about how taking a rest is the most important part of working.

Destressing Meditation for Tax Day 2019

A meditation to help destress on this day of taxes in America or whatever is taxing you and stressing you.