Anxiety part 2 - Mental Health Month

More ideas on how to shift your relationship to anxiety and fear as well as emotional discomfort in general are on the plate for today's episode. I mention another podcast from Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. Here's the link for that:…

Anxiety pt 1 -Mental Health Month 2019

In this episode I flip the script on anxiety (fear) so you can see it's just a biological function and not a scary drama monster. It's actually here to help. Let's open the door on anxiety and get some fresh air up in here.

EMDR, Private Practice catch up episode

Playing a quick catch up on this episode letting you know that EMDR is now part of the therapy offered in my private pracitce. I talk some of what EMDR is and what it's used for. I talk about links to my sliding scale therapist directory listing here: my full fee…

Slow down, Work smart not hard

Today I'm talking about how taking a rest is the most important part of working.

Destressing Meditation for Tax Day 2019

A meditation to help destress on this day of taxes in America or whatever is taxing you and stressing you.

Behind the Scenes

Giving you a look at what's going on these days at The Stress Dojo. I've reopened my therapy private practice and am taking new clients. Also, I'm attending some meaningful seminars in the next 2 months. I'm giving you the low down on all of it.Join the email list by sending me your email here:…