DrJD on Vision Boarding 101

We made vision boards! Today we are talking about how we did it and what we learned. We were both enlightened and inspired. Even reluctant vision boarding pays off.

DrJD on A Few Minutes On Navigating Your College Admission Results

In this brief episode, John takes a few minutes to help you navigate your college admission results.

DrJD on Thoughts on College With Georgia, A High School Senior

Today we are talking to one of our favorite people, Georgia, a high school senior. She shares her thoughts and experience with the college selection process and how she sees the future.

DrJD on College Admission Cheating Scandal

Today we talk about Operation Varsity Blues, the investigation into wealthy parents illegally buying admission to elite colleges for their children. What's most remarkable is how unremarkable this all is. We also touch on the broader lessons to learn here about goodness of fit and how easily losing…

DrJD on When to Seek Help

Today we are talking about when you should seek help from a therapist or a coach - for yourself or someone else that you love.

DrJD on Nobody Cares... In The Best Way

Today we are breaking down this transformative thought: If you find yourself overly concerned with what other people are thinking about you, liberate yourself with the reality that they are probably... not. Be free.