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There are Five Keys to Attracting Wealth. I speak to those Five Keys more in depth in Chapter One of my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams. Today we’ll look a bit at getting started with the Five Keys to create More Wealth, More Health and More Happiness in your personal and professional life. Let’s begin with Mindset.

Mindset’s the platform you need to begin with when utilizing the Five Keys for creating wealth. The work begins with implementing the right mindset into your actions, thinking, and feeling to bring about change within your values and create results.

You’ve Got the Mindset… Now What?

Desire is dreams, hopes, and intentions that becomes a seed to either flourish or remain buried and never grow — depending on the mindset you have around those dreams, hopes, and intentions.

The small, short-term desires tend to become a reality quickly and easily. The larger desires around complete lifestyle changes and financial security take a bit more work on both conscious and unconscious levels. The right mindset will energize and nourish your desires at all levels of consciousness.

The Biggest Enemy to Your Five Keys

Get ready for your ego to make an appearance. Here you’ll find your biggest challenge when implementing a mindset that’s different from the status quo. Your vulnerable sense of self is going to prefer the comfort of learned and programmed behaviors that are holding you back, rather than face the difficulty of change and growth. It’s important to recognize the moments your ego’s wanting to sabotage your forward momentum towards a better life.

By keeping your mindset in alignment with the Five Keys and recognizing the ego-driven moments that come up, a clear understanding of your true desires and what you need to acquire them will emerge as the hindrances that hold you back disappear and cause less resistance.

Ego vs. Soul

The seeds of true desire come from your soul. These desires are aligned with your heart, your Source, and your sense of purpose. The soul seeds of desire come to you in a quieter voice and sense; unlike the loud and brash voice and presence of ego.

When you listen to the voice of your soul you’ll hear positive and encouraging words:

“This is your calling.”

“You deserve this.”

“You can do it.”

Listen to that quiet voice and you’ll discover your truest and deepest dreams and desires to build a life with maximum fulfillment and forward momentum towards Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams.

 Photo Credit: Matt Artz,