We believe that everyone is just one idea away from a more mindful life, congruent with our core values.
We’re here to engage in an honest dialogue about conscious living.
We’re here to collaborate and celebrate.
We’re here to transform and grow, as both teachers and students in life’s classroom.
We believe in our power to choose. Through choice, you can control how you approach the world, and you can consciously decide how you want to take action.


Are you sitting in your little corner of the world, alone, looking for more? You’ve come to the right place.

One Idea Away can help.

One Idea Away is a movement to help you reach higher levels of awareness through sharing your life experiences, getting clear on your dreams, uncovering your ideas, and shifting your perspective. With that clarity, you’ll see that you’ve got the power to change how you think and feel about the world. You’re only One Idea Away from creating a more intentional community, connected to your dreams and aligned with your values.

If you’re a dreamer, a truth seeker, an explorer, a spiritualist, a change agent, a coach, or a crusader for social good, you’ve found your people.

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Our tribe of contributors and guests – and perhaps most importantly – our readers, viewers, and listeners believe that success is both a process and a lifestyle. Success, after all, is neither an end destination nor a sum total of accomplishments. Our collective tribe seeks freedom.

But, not simply to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want. That’s circumstantial freedom. Instead, we seek it within, to fully express ourselves, our talents, and our values without anything holding us back from being our best. And our tribe recognizes that, individually, we could seek to make a difference in the world.

Yet, we know that together we can create a broad stroke of ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration that ripples across generations – starting with ourselves, as the change agents, coaches, and learners of life.

As a community where we are all teachers and students, we are here to encourage individuals to keep building, harnessing, and believing that you are only ONE IDEA AWAY from a new reality.

We are a multimedia platform featuring articles, podcasts, video hangouts and more, all of which address the “why” and the “how” in making our everyday lives a little easier, a little sweeter, and a whole lot more fulfilling. That little degree is our anthem…tune in, listen up, and play it loud.