A girl born without fibulas undergoes surgery at the age of one. The surgeons perform amputations of both of her legs below the knees. You’d probably think she’d have difficulty walking for the rest of her life. The idea of her becoming a record-setting runner, successful model, and renowned speaker would seem pretty far-fetched. And yet, that’s exactly what Aimee Mullins did. She was and continues to be, unstoppable.

There are a million tiny and large things that can and will show up on your path toward realizing your dreams. You probably know that some of the most recognized names in the world are people who had big dreams and nearly just as big obstacles. What makes them different from the people who have dreams, yet are held back by what gets in their way?

Those in the first group have learned the secret to becoming unstoppable. Now, you can learn this secret, too.

9 Steps to Become Unstoppable

The nine articles included below explore the essential steps needed to Become Unstoppable. While the path may be universal, where it takes you and what you observe along the way will be uniquely yours. Completing these nine steps will make it possible for you to discover, connect to, and express the brilliance and beauty that you already possess. A plan like this works for precisely one reason:

You already have everything you need within you.

In the same way that a caterpillar has all that’s needed to become a butterfly, taking this journey will act as a chrysalis within which you too will transform ready to live the life your heart desires.

Find Your Footing

Set Your Course: How To Set Your Intention The Right Way

“You may have experienced setting an intention only to find that you didn’t act on it or may have not followed through. Maybe you intended to achieve a financial goal and time and again, found yourself feeling stuck. This is what happens when a part of you isn’t with you…” READ MORE>>

Tune Your Body: 4 Essential Things for Tuning Into Your Body

“It’s tempting to take your body for granted because it shows up for you whether or not you’re paying attention (Most of the time, that is). Just like your smartphone, there will come a day when your battery will need to be replaced, your cracked screen repaired, unnecessary applications cleared out, and your software will need a full reboot…”READ MORE>>

Harmonize Your Mind: Getting Smart With Meditation

“It can be helpful to think of your mind like a tree. If the leaves and branches were diseased or unhealthy, you wouldn’t try painting nutrients or water on them to bring them back to health. On the contrary, you’d give your care and attention to the tree’s roots. Happily, there’s an easy way to cultivate the roots of your brain…” READ MORE>>

Fine-Tune Your Focus

The Power of Values: 7 Super Tips To Go From Confusion To Clarity To Supercharged with Core Values

“On a good day, the currents are flowing in exactly the direction you want to go. Other times, it feels like you’re paddling against a tide, exerting every ounce of energy you have just to stay in place…” READ MORE>>

Meaning & Purpose: How A Map of Your Life Inspires Direction & Meaning

“Getting lost may be one of the most common experiences modern homo sapiens share. We don’t just get lost in the woods with predictable frequency, we also get lost in life. If you haven’t brought a map with you, begin to create one in your mind…” READ MORE>>

Expansive Gratitude: 4 Best Reasons To Expand Your Gratitude

“It’s natural to notice and be affected by the people, events, and conditions in life that aren’t going the way you’d hoped. Feelings of disappointment, anger, and even resentment aren’t uncommon and in some circumstances even make sense…” READ MORE>>

Unfurl & Take Flight

Dissolve Inner Blocks: How To Get Rid Of Your Internal Chaos & Clutter

“As you grew and became who you are today, you collected an unlimited number of stories about who you are. The various cupboards, bookshelves, dressers, tables, and armoires of your inner world are the stories you’ve collected. They help explain the kind of world you believe you live in and your place in it…” READ MORE>>

S.E.A.L.: 4 Essential Steps To Go From Sabotaged by Stress To Emotional Mastery

“These four steps make up a simple practice with which you can begin to open the doorways to your inner world. On your travels there, you’ll see that within you there are already many pearls just waiting to be found…” READ MORE>>

Celebrate Self-Love: Epic Formula for Eliminating Your Negative Self-Talk & Self-Criticism

“Sometime in your life, you experienced stress, fear, and very likely a sense of powerlessness. It’s completely normal to have this happen especially as a young child. At that time in life, the entire world is bigger than you and there’s a lot you just don’t know…” READ MORE>>

Your Next Step

If being unstoppable sounds good to you, then connect with me. We’ll talk about what your heart desires and how you can live the life you’re here to live. Alternatively, you can take this journey on your own by reading each article and following the nine steps, although having an unconditionally supportive coach with proven strategies will help you arrive at your destination more directly and quickly.

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