You’re flanked by verdant, lush greenery beneath a canopy of azure sky. A veil of song from a chorus of tree frogs produces the original surround sound. The river upon which you’re floating is deep and winding. As your paddle dips into the water, you feel underwater forces propelling you. On a good day, the currents are flowing in exactly the direction you want to go. Other times, it feels like you’re paddling against a tide, exerting every ounce of energy you have just to stay in place. If only there was a way to understand these forces and spend more time enjoying your travels.

There is and it’s all about becoming intimate with your Core Values. While the concept of values may seem like an intellectual exercise without roots in your daily experience, in fact, it’s one of the most essential foundational elements for becoming unstoppable. Your Core Values are the powerful, often unseen, drivers that propel you through life.

Tips For Moving With The Currents Of Your Life

#1. Accept that you have Core Values, whether you know what they are or not.

#2. Understand that these Core Values have influenced and, in some cases, are the entire cause of many of your decisions, either positive or negative.

#3. Become intimate with your Core Values. This means naming them and articulating what they mean to you.

#4. Ask yourself where they’ve shown up in your life already and write down what you see.

#5. Look to see what current choices, circumstances, conditions, or relationships nourish your Core Values and which ones don’t.

#6. Become aware of how moving in ways that nourish your Core Values creates ease, effortlessness, and success in your life.

#7. Choose to become intentional about connecting to your Core Values every day and rely on them for your choices.

As you travel on the river of your life, these seven tips will enable you to move through what is known as the Four Stages of Competence. In doing so, you’ll become intimate with and fluent in your Core Values. As a result, you’ll be creating a dynamic relationship which awakens the roots to your own inner hydrogen-fuel cell. You’ll achieve Conscious Competence and the effortless flow that it brings.

The 4 Stages of Competence

Unconscious Incompetence: You’re confused about how to get to where you want to go. You don’t feel like you have a strong, clear connection to the energy you need.

Solution: Discover your Core Values. There’s a simple exercise that gives you the power to identify these powerful currents in your life.

Conscious Incompetence: You know, but don’t fully understand how to increase your happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Solution: Become intimate with your Core Values. Fully explore and articulate what they are and what qualities they express in your decisions, actions, and circumstances. Notice how and when their absence has affected your experience of your choices, i.e., discomfort, frustration, lack of energy.

Unconscious Competence: You’re experiencing inconsistent satisfaction with your decisions or indecision. Something tells you that there’s more to the story than you currently know.

Solution:  Look to see how long these Core Values have been present and how they’ve been driving your decisions without you knowing. Acknowledge where and how they’re already showing up in your life.

Conscious Competence: You’re supercharged and in the flow.

Solution: Draw on your awareness, clarity, and intimacy as you make choices today and beyond. Move forward with greater ease drawing upon the powerful currents of your inner wisdom.

Supercharge your life by taking advantage of the abundant energies that already exist inside of you and you’ll create the life your heart desires with less effort and more pleasure.

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