Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Abundance is a word that’s used quite often in the self-help world. There’s an endless array of books, teachers, courses, methods, and practices all focused on helping you create and experience abundance. Every single one of them offers support for someone. However, if you aren’t yet enjoying the abundance you want, it’s not because of what’s out there. Yes, you guessed it, it’s what’s in here.

You may be surprised to learn that you have a room in your inner palace (see How To Get Rid Of Your Internal Clutter & Chaos) dedicated to your state of Abundance. In this room, all of the stories, people, events, perspectives, and emotions you have about it have been collected. So, when you open the door to this room, look and see if there’s a jumble of furniture and clutter. Is the doorway blocked? What pieces are in front of a really beautiful view you would love to be able to see?

Too Much Stuff

Perhaps ironically, the very idea of abundance is ‘more than enough.’ Unfortunately, what you may really have is too much of the wrong stuff. You may actually have a plentitude of barriers to the kind of experience you’re looking for. Perhaps what you’re seeking is not about ‘gobs’ and ‘boatloads’. What you’re really looking for is less about quantity and much more about quality.

Fortunately, you can clear out the internal clutter and chaos that’s been piling up with these 6 secrets:

  1. Take Stock: Identify who and what you’ve stuffed into your Abundance room.
  2. Check Credibility: Ask yourself if the people in this room have the kind of life you want to live.
  3. Unseat The Unqualified: If not, decide to ask them to leave your room.
  4. Clarify Origins: Make a note about where the various pieces of furniture came from and what stories they hold.
  5. Take Action: Decide to move them, get rid of them, or possibly even burn them in order to give your room the feeling you’d most like it to have.
  6. Enjoy Your Space: Spend time in your Abundance room, allowing yourself to connect to what your heart wants you most to know about who you are, how you’d like to be, and what really you’d like to have.

Total Abundance Makeover

While the word “abundance” is defined as ‘a supply more than sufficient to meet one’s needs,’ you have the power to craft a very personal definition. Customize its meaning in order to achieve the wealth and freedom you desire. This leads to the seventh bonus secret.

You are the only person with the power to choose who and what lives in your inner palace.

Giving your Abundance room a complete makeover will free up energy that you can now direct toward experiences that nurture and nourish you. The seven secrets will enable you to clear out the obstacles that were preventing you from enjoying the wealth that already exists in your life. Additionally, this process will help you to clarify what’s of value to you and why. As a result, you’ll be rich with sufficiency and satisfaction, two ingredients which make true abundance possible.

About Zette

Zette Harbour is an iPEC certified life and leadership coach, and, an award-winning professional storyteller, who helps women clear out what’s not working in order to live the life of their dreams.

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