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If you aren’t listening to your body, then who is?

Check in with these four essential things for tuning in to your body. Keep in mind that it can be very simple–although not always easy. So, why would you want to take the extra time and energy to tune in and listen to your body now?

“It’s tempting to take your body for granted because it shows up for you whether or not you’re paying attention (Most of the time, that is). Just like your smartphone, there will come a day when your battery will need to be replaced, your cracked screen repaired, unnecessary applications cleared out, and your software will need a full reboot.”

From 4 Essential Things for Tuning Into Your Body Part One

Read Part One of this article to explore how and why to tune into your body’s needs through Sleep and Hydration. Deepen your journey by reading about the roles of Nutrition and Fitness below.

Making even a small shift in any one of these areas will let your body know that you’ve heard her.

4 Essential Things for Tuning Into Your Body (Continued)

3) Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, there’s an endless array of choices. You can go Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free or just stick with S.A.D., the standard American diet.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer and you’ll need to listen to your body as you explore and experiment. What seems clear in all cases, though, is that the more your food looks like it did when it was alive–both plant and animal–the healthier it will be for your body. Another universal guideline is to eat as much of your food as you can from sources as close to you as possible.

You can look at it like this, everything that goes into your body is now in a relationship with you. The best relationships are based on honesty, intimacy, and respect.

Are your foods and the people selling it to you being completely honest with you? Do you have an intimate knowledge of where and how it was raised? Have you considered whether or not you feel respect for your food and all those who made it possible for you to consume it?

By building a genuine and intentional relationship with your food, you create the conditions for greater nourishment.

4) Fitness

Your body was built to move. Flexibility, strength, and resilience are hardwired into your makeup. Unfortunately, most of the developed world has developed a bad habit of discouraging movement.

Work, much of our entertainment, and even education are all designed around sitting for extended periods of time. Because of this, a historically unheard of industry was born. Throughout the 20th century the business of fitness mushroomed and now there seems to be unlimited options.

This is good news for you and your body. Tune in and listen to what type of exercise or outdoor adventure you feel called to do. Some of the latest research shows that walking for about 20 minutes a day creates powerful health benefits. It’s also one of the easiest and least expensive forms of fitness available.

And when you lace up those walking shoes, leave all judgment about yourself behind. You don’t have to be an iron man competitor to support your body’s wellbeing. Whatever activity appeals to you, the important thing is to get started and to pay attention to what your body tells you.

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