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“Can you hear me now?”

Verizon Test Man

Today, the optimum tool to connect with work, community, and sometimes even family may very likely be your smartphone.

If your phone doesn’t have enough juice, is overloaded with apps, has a cracked screen, or isn’t up to date with your carrier’s settings, successful communication’s pretty unlikely. And yet, there’s a lot you want to get done–like make appointments, follow up with clients, arrange your next GNO, or make sure your teen got to rehearsal on time.

The consequences of not taking care of our phones may seem pretty obvious. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with ourselves. The truth is, your body’s your most important way to show up for your family, work, friends, and community. Take some time and tune in to learn what it needs.

Just Do It

When you remember that your body’s what gets you up in the morning, moves you through the day, and keeps you alive while you sleep, it makes sense that tuning into it and giving it what it needs is completely in your own best interest.

Even so, it’s common to hear phrases like Nike’s famous, ‘Just Do It,’ or ‘tough it out,’ or ‘suck it up.’ None of these directives offers the sense of caring and compassion that your body has given to you since before you were born.

It’s tempting to take your body for granted because it shows up for you whether or not you’re paying attention (Most of the time, that is). Just like your smartphone, there will come a day when your battery will need to be replaced, your cracked screen repaired, unnecessary applications cleared out, and your software will need a full reboot.

So why would you want to take the extra time and energy to tune in and listen to what your body’s telling you it needs now before those things happen?

First of all, ongoing care can be done in small bits (so maybe you won’t experience a full crash).

Second, you’ll have a better chance to do whatever it is you want most to do.

Third, you’re more likely to experience the greatest amount of enjoyment doing it.

Four Essential Things for Tuning Into Your Body

1) Sleep

The word is out, sleep’s the new yoga.

The research is in and it’s everywhere on the web. Even media mogul, Ariana Huffington is urging you to get enough sleep. Studies demonstrate that poor sleep is bad for your heart and has been clearly linked to being overweight.

Proper sleep reduces negative stress and inflammation–which are two things you want less of. Additionally, getting the optimum amount of sleep helps you think more clearly and engage with others more effectively.

You can make conscious choices to enhance your sleep experience. Take a few moments to assess your sleep practice and environment. Wherever possible, eliminate electric devices like digital clocks in your bedroom.

If you use your laptop or other screens before sleep, an application like F.lux will balance the blue light that can interfere with your melatonin production. To enhance your sleep routine, you can incorporate essential oils by diffusion, applied to your skin, or taken internally.

2) Hydration

Insufficient hydration’s caused primarily by not drinking enough clean, balanced water.

There are other factors as well: how much you exercise, how close you are to your ideal weight, whether or not you eat water-rich foods, and how many dehydrating beverages you consume. There’s an abundance of data about why you need to meet your body’s water needs. For many, just knowing how much water to be taking in–and then doing it–can be a challenge.

A good place to start’s with this Hydration Calculator, or you can do the quick method of taking your current weight and divide it by two. This will tell you approximately how many ounces you need to take in. If you’re someone who works out, causing you to lose more water through sweat, you may need even more.

The kind of water you’re drinking also matters. If it’s been filtered, be sure its natural mineral balance has been restored. Finally, avoid disposable plastic water bottles and invest in a glass or stainless steel reusable one.

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