Money EQ
Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash

What is Your Money EQ or, How Tied Are You to Your Account?

When you think of your bank account and how much is in there, what is the first thing you think of?

When you think about debt and how much you owe, what is the first thing you think of?

When you think about how much money you would like to make in the next year in your business or from your employer, what is the first thing you think of?

In all of these circumstances, what is the second thing you think of? What is the story that you make up about your money situation?

So for example, there was a time when I thought of my bank account, I would think lack, maybe feel sad and then the second thing I would think of is, “how am I going to make it? I am a fraud”. From there, I would spiral into more lack, steamrolling my emotions, and ultimately digging myself deeper into financial shame.

True story.

This was my Money Emotional State or my Money EQ. The umbrella feeling of all of my feelings and emotions at that time around money was that I was at the effect of money and had no control. Until I discovered there were other emotional states to consider.

Your Money Emotional State is the capacity to be aware of, in control of, and express ones’ emotions around money with good judgment, common sense, and understanding. Being able to manage your emotional state around money is directly correlated to your success and fulfillment around money.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the philosophy that success is 90% energy management and 10% action or execution.

So what is your current Money EQ level?

To help you with this, I want to give you a framework to identify the Seven Levels of Money EQ, so that you can identify where you generally fall and give you insight into what other thoughts and emotions (energy management) are possible and what more empowering and fulfilling results can come from that in less time than you think.

Most of us know our thoughts create our feelings which create our actions. This paradigm is based in energy. The seven levels I am about to go through are a framework to identify the spectrum from lowest to highest resonating energies that we can consciously or unconsciously be in around money. I did not create this, this is based on the work of Bruce Schneider who created the coaching training program I am certified in. (

I will start at the bottom of the framework at the lowest resonating energy and move to the highest resonating energy. I want you to be thinking about what your default state is, knowing it fluctuates from day to day, minute to minute. That is totally normal and a good thing because it tells you that you can use the power of choice to change your energy level at any given moment.

Because creation of anything, including money, happens at higher conscious levels.

Level The Thought The Feeling/Emotion The Action/Result
1 Victim: I don’t deserve money Apathy: indifference, gave up on money, it’s not for me, lack of interest, disempowered. Lethargy: Inability to take action
2 Conflict: There is not enough to go around. Anger: resentment, greed, control based in fear Defiance: defense mode
3 Responsibility: I have just enough to get by. Forgiveness: tolerating, coping, strategic Cooperation: rationalize conflict, maintain the peace
4 Concern: I give it away. I care. Compassion: gratitude, being of service, give it away, spiritual, understanding, empathetic Service: helping others supersedes the need to do for yourself
5 Reconciliation: We both have enough to meet our needs and desires. Peace: contentment, opportunity, win-win, resourceful with less effort Acceptance: willingness to receive and give, accepting differences
6 Synthesis: There is enough for everyone at all times. Joy: flow, synchronicity, universe is working on my behalf to bring me what I need Wisdom: intuitive money, the long view of money vs. short
7 Non-Judgment: Money is an illusion; it has no bearing on me. Absolute Passion: pure awareness. Intense desire for all experiences. Creation: spontaneous manifestation of money.


As you can see, or probably even more so feel, being in higher conscious levels put you in an energetic state of flowing.

With an expanded language around your feelings around money, you get to identify where you are, and with practice, where you want to be.

Energy management and knowing your Money EQ is the key to success in your business and your money life. Because your current money circumstance is just a reflection of Your Money EQ, your money energetic state. Raise that level and watch your bank account improve.

If this way of looking at money has you intrigues, and you want more clarity around your money relationship, connect with me and let’s have a money conversation at [email protected].