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Inspired Leadership: What Are You Looking At?

Every day you have a choice about how you show up. To work, to play, to life.

How Will You Show Up?

Inspired leadership’s an attitude, a choice in our energy level, and a way of thinking that directly impacts our actions and our success. Personal leadership’s how we choose to think about how we approach life. There are no right or wrong choices.

Two golfers walk up to the first tee. One says “I’ve been hitting my driver terribly for the past two weeks. I’m just about ready to throw it in the lake on four.” She proceeds to pump her drive dead left into the trees and is headed for a double bogie before she even leaves the tee. She leaves the tee grumbling and stomps off with her head down to see if she can find her ball amidst the poison ivy.

The second approaches the tee with Jason Day-like calm and focus. She visualizes how she’d like to play this first Par-five. Her landing zone for her drive, where she’ll place her second shot to set up her third shot for her favorite club. She pictures the last time she had a short birdie putt and is confident that she’ll make it again. Most importantly though, she knows she’s out to have fun with her friends on a beautiful sunny day.

At the end of the first hole, both players make a bogie six. The first player storms off the green despite having made a phenomenal recovery from her first lost ball, clearly unhappy with the hole. The second player squares her shoulders proudly and smiles as she leaves the green, having taken her best swing at each of the shots she made. She’s not attached to the outcome, but instead focused on making her best effort and enjoying the round.

What Are You Looking At?

Visualizing an incredible result is an attitude that we can choose to adopt. Our thoughts directly impact our actions, and therefore, our results. We don’t achieve our ideal goal every time, because we’re by no means perfect, on the golf course or off.

By focusing on our intentions we become less attached to the outcomes and can continue to exude positive energy no matter what happens. Ultimately our results far exceed what we ever thought possible.

How we choose to show up impacts our entire organization. As leaders, our attitude’s contagious. The choice takes work sometimes, looking at life as full of opportunities rather than obstacles. Be aware of how you show up. Be aware of your choice in each thought and resulting action.

The Results Will Amaze You!

An Executive Leadership Coach is a powerful tool to help you examine how you show up and why. For more ideas on making bold changes to your Leadership for remarkable breakthrough results, email BreakAway Leadership Coaching founder, Karyn Grant at [email protected]